Neurotechnology Products Schema

The tables provided here below give an overview of the relationships between the latest Neurotechnology biometric SDKs and the components included with those biometric SDKs. A "larger" SDK, that covers one or more "smaller" SDKs on the products scheme table, includes components of these smaller SDKs. For example: MegaMatcher Standard SDK includes all components of VeriFinger Extended SDK, VeriLook Extended SDK and VeriEye Extended SDK, which in turn include the components of VeriFinger Standard SDK, VeriLook Standard SDK and VeriEye Standard SDK respectively.

Please see the Neurotechnology Licensing Model page and the Neurotechnology Current Price List page for more comprehensive information on specific SDK licensing and pricing.

VeriFinger 8.0 Standard SDK
1 Fingerprint Extractor
1 Embedded Fingerprint Extractor
1 Fingerprint Matcher
1 Embedded Fingerprint Matcher
VeriFinger 8.0 Extended SDK
Includes in addition:
+ 3 Fingerprint Clients
+3 Embedded Fingeprint Clients
+ Matching Server
VeriLook 5.7 Standard SDK
1 Face Extractor
1 Embedded Face Extractor
1 Vace Matcher
1 Embedded Face Matcher
VeriLook 5.7 Extended SDK
Includes in addition:
+ 3 Face Clients
+3 Embedded Face Clients
+ Matching Server
VeriEye 2.10 Standard SDK
1 Iris Extractor
1 Embedded Iris Extractor
1 Iris Matcher
1 Embedded Iris Matcher
VeriEye 2.10 Extended SDK
Includes in addition:
+ 3 Iris Clients
+3 Embedded Iris Clients
+ Matching Server

VeriSpeak 3.0 Standard SDK
1 Voice Extractor
1 Embedded Voice Extractor
1 Voice Matcher
1 Embedded Voice Matcher
VeriSpeak 3.0 Extended SDK
Includes in addition:
+ 3 Voice Clients
+3 Embedded Voice Clients
+ Matching Server

MegaMatcher 6.0 Standard SDK

Includes in addition:
+ 1 Fast Fingerprint Matcher
+ 1 Fast Face Matcher
+ 1 Fast Iris Matcher
+ 1 Fast Fingerprint Extractor
+ 1 Fast Face Extractor
+ 1 Fast Iris Extractor
+ 1 Fast Voice Extractor
+ 1 Fast Fingerprint Segmenter
+ 1 Fast Face Token Image
+ 1 Palm Print Client
+ 1 Palm Print Matcher
+ 3 Fingerprint Capturers
+ 3 Face Capturers
+ 3 Iris Capturers
+ 3 Voice Capturers
+ 3 Embedded Fingerprint Capturers
+ 3 Embedded Face Capturers
+ 3 Embedded Iris Capturers
+ 3 Embedded Voice Capturers

MegaMatcher 6.0 Extended SDK

Includes in addition:
+ 1 MegaMatcher Accelerator Development Edition (fingerprint, face and iris engines)

Products related to MegaMatcher 6.0 SDK:
MegaMatcher Accelerator
(price depends on version)
MegaMatcher On Card 3.5 SDK

More Fingerprint identification products:
Free Fingerprint Verification SDK
NCheck Finger Attendance

More Face identification products:
VeriLook Surveillance 3.1 SDK

Robotics, A.I. and computer vision:

SentiGaze SDK

SentiSculpt SDK

SentiSight 3.3 SDK

SentiSight Embedded 1.2 SDK

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