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Capacitive Fingerprint Scanners

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EikonTouch 710 Fingerprint Sensor

EikonTouch Fingerprint Scanner with FIPS 201 certified image quality for a single finger capture device . This scanner is ideal for multi-user applications where no user training is required. DOES NOT INCLUDE PROTECTOR SUITE SOFTWARE.  This is a drop in replacement for the EikonTouch 700.

Our Price: $90.00
The USB fingerprint readers provide quick and reliable biometric authentication to desktop or network resources. EikonTouch 510 Fingerprint Sensor

The EikonTouch 510 from digital Persona is the elegant successor of the established TouchChip Reader TCRU1.  Now with additional sensor surface coating (SteelCoat), an electrical and mechanical robustness has been achieved which is unparalleled so far for silicon sensors.  DOES NOT INCLUDE PROTECTOR SUITE SOFTWARE. This is a drop in replacement for the EikonTouch 500.

Our Price: $80.00
Zvetco P5000 Zvetco P5000

The P5000 is the newest USB desktop device in the Verifi series of fingerprint readers. It uses the UPEK TCS1 sensor, the largest silicon sensor available, to give it the ability to be used in a wide variety of applications. Its sleek and ergonomic design make it perfect for desktop applications.

Our Price: $169.00
SMUFS BT WSQ Bluetooth Fingerprint Scanner SMUFS BT WSQ Bluetooth Fingerprint Scanner

The SMUFS BT WSQ Bluetooth fingerprint scanner is a high quality fingerprint scanner that works with most modern mobile devices such as cell phones, tablets, and laptops that have Bluetooth 1.1+ capabilities.  This scanner produces a high quality fingerprint and can compress the print into the FBI/NIST defined WSQ format for rapid transmission.

Our Price: $329.00