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FbF® Inmate ID

FbF Inmate IDNever release the wrong inmate again with FbF® Inmate ID’s foolproof ability to match an inmate’s biometric data to exactly the right inmate…in less than a second.

FbF Inmate ID is an iris-based offender identification and management solution for detention centers. Enrollment and release are now done rapidly and error-free. Quickly create demographic and biometric profiles for inmates, assign locations, and add any relevant information. Recidivist inmates are accurately identified upon return without re-enrolling them.

FbF Inmate ID is used for:

  • Enrollment and release of an inmate
  • Tracking currently assigned location of an inmate
  • Fast biometric check-in and check-out
  • Instant headcount (who’s in the facility?)

The FbF Inmate ID system allows an officer to capture an inmate’s iris images, a mug shot, and any other biographic information for storage in the FbF ® bioServer inmate database. The FbF bioServer search engine quickly does the biometric matching in less than a second.

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