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Identity Solutions

Solving identity management challenges requires more than attaching devices to computers and adjusting a few policies on your network. However, in some cases, complete solutions are available that simplify the process. Fulcrum is committed to identifying and offering best-in-class solutions as they become available to the market.

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Biodentify Workstation License Biodentify Workstation License

A Biodentify Workstation License is required for each single computer (not person) that is connected to the Biodentify Server for the purpose of secure biometric login of employees.  The Biodentify Workstation License does not come with a desktop fingerprint sensor.  Please select Biodentify Workstation Bundle if you require both the software and hardware for each workstation.

Our Price: $49.00
Biodentify Workstation Bundle Biodentify Workstation Bundle

The Biodentify Workstation Bundle includes both a Biodentify Workstation License and the Biodentify Fingerprint Scanner.  When deploying Biodentify Windows Login for the first time, it is required that each organization have the Biodentify Server, Workstation License and a supported fingerprint scanner at each workstation.

Our Price: $114.00