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Portable Handheld Biometric Devices for Mobile Identification

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CredenceOne CredenceOne

CredenceOne elegantly combines finger, face, and Smart Card capabilities on the Android operating system. Its compact design and state of the art mobile chipset empowers multiple identity-based solutions.

Our Price: $99,999.99
FbF mobileOne QuickDock fingerprint capture accessory for iOS FbF®mobileOne QuickDock

The FbF mobileOne QuickDock is a fingerprint biometric accessory Made for iPod, iPhone  and iPad devices. (iPod,  iPhone and iPad not included). Capture high resolution (508 dpi) fingerprint images suitable for collection and matching in manual or automated systems.

Our Price: $349.00
FbF mobileOne iOS Library FbF® mobileOne iOS Library

The FbF mobileOne iOS Library is for developers who desire to develop iOS Apps that use the fingerprint imaging capability of the FbF mobileOne biometric accessory.

Our Price: $500.00
FbF mobileOne Developer Bundle FbF® mobileOne Developer Bundle with QuickDock

The FbF mobileOne Developer Bundle with QuickDock consists of one FbF mobileOne Cradle device plus the FbF mobileOne iOS Library API. (iPod and iPhone not included)

Our Price: $849.00
Sale Price: $790.00
You save $59.00!
Credence Trident Credence Trident

Trident™ is the ultimate mobile combination of face, finger and iris biometrics on a state of the art mobile platform.

Our Price: $99,999.99
SMUFS BT WSQ Bluetooth Fingerprint Scanner SMUFS BT WSQ Bluetooth Fingerprint Scanner

The SMUFS BT WSQ Bluetooth fingerprint scanner is a high quality fingerprint scanner that works with most modern mobile devices such as cell phones, tablets, and laptops that have Bluetooth 1.1+ capabilities.  This scanner produces a high quality fingerprint and can compress the print into the FBI/NIST defined WSQ format for rapid transmission.

Our Price: $329.00