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Pawn and Secondhand Stores

California Pawnbrokers AssociationPerhaps no segment of the retail industry is more heavily regulated than pawn and secondhand industry, along with payday lending, check cashing, and title pledge lending businesses. Every year, more states are requiring customer biometrics (fingerprints, signatures, and facial images) not only to be collected, but to be captured digitally. No more rolling fingers through ink! Currently, California, Arkansas, Georgia, Nebraska, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Utah, Tennessee, North Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana require digital captures of fingerprints.

Fulcrum can address all your biometric needs:

  • Capture, save, and send fingerprints
  • Find hardware compatible with the software your business uses
  • Build customer lookup capability into your software
  • Add multiple modes of biometrics to increase your security (iris, face, etc.)
With Fulcrum you can acquire the hardware you need to work with America’s leading pawn management software systems, like Bravo, CompuPawn, Hi-Tech Pawn, PawnMaster, Pawn Wizard, PawnDex, SuperPawn, and Xpawn. With or without pawn management software, we have what you need to submit to online reporting systems like California Pawn and Secondhanddealer System (CAPSS), Leadsonline, BWI, RapidNet, RISS, WSIN, NESPIN, or Safe Reporting.

Management system developers—look to Fulcrum to help you add biometrics to your application not only for mandatory image captures, but to make the customer experience better, faster, safer, and more reliable.

Fulcrum Biometrics is a member of the California Pawnbrokers Association.

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