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Secure BRaVe App for Android Secure BRaVe App for Android

Secure BRaVe Android app supports multi-biometric identification and verification of faces, fingerprints, and irises. It can be applied as an enrollment and vetting solution for police, schools, public service, disaster management, health services and more. Possible law enforcement uses include field interviews, incident reporting, warrant issuance and pedestrian or roadside checkpoints. Biometric sensors are not included.  Contact Us for volume pricing.

Our Price: $408.52
FbF bioCollect Android App FbF® bioCollect App (Android)

This Application allows you to scan high quality fingerprint images and store them for various purposes. Available options are: Email, FTP, and Save to File. You will need to configure the App to perform your desired storage method. This can be as easy as entering a default email address or an FTP server.

Our Price: $99,999.99