Time and Attendance

Finger on readerIf your organization manages a number of hourly employees or if you have remote workers in various locations then you understand the challenges of time and attendance. Whether you have to deal with employees who lose their time cards, employees who “forget” to punch in and out regulalry, or employees “helping” their buddies by signing them in and out, biometric-based time-clock software quickly and efficiently resolves many of the challenges associated with traditional time and attendance solutions.  Fulcrum Biometrics, in partnership with Legiant of Austin Texas http://www.legiant.com, has developed a simple yet highly functional program “The FbFTM Timeclock” to help small and medium sized enterprises deal with these challenges.  

The FbFTM Timeclock application, which integrates seamlessly with the Legiant’s enterprise time and attendance software, allows a pc based kiosk, laptop or desktop PC to transform into a biometric time clock. In just a few seconds after placing their finger on the fingerprint reader, employees will be automatically identified and automatically punched in/out or transferred to a new department/project.

Administrators can select whether the clock will allow punches or department transfers by selecting either Punch Mode or Transfer Mode. The application will run while minimized, so if the fingerprint reader is installed at the front desk, the receptionist can continue working while other employees clock in and out.

Administrators can access the administrator menu by entering in a passcode or using the fingerprint reader. Administrators can activate Enrollment Mode to quickly get employees setup on the time clock system. Once enrolled, employees can log in at any workstation with the FbFTM Timeclock and USB fingerprint reader installed.

If you are interested in learning more about how a FbFTM Timeclock and Legiant Enterprise Time and Attendance system can help your organization please contact us online or call our office to speak with a sales representative.