Scan & Pin fingerprint software.

Biometric authentication the easy way.

Scan & Pin fingerprint software has been designed for fast fingerprint authentication on Microsoft Windows platforms. Authentication of a user or customer can now be made by scanning their finger on a fingerprint reader instead of swiping magnetic cards, scanning barcodes on ID cards or being entered manually.  You may find the Scan and Pin Bundle here which includes the software license and the Ditigal Persona scanner.

Fingerprint software to authenticate your users and customers without the need for any developemnt work or fingerprint SDK. Simply install the fingerprint scanner and the Scan & Pin fingerprint software and your ready to go. 

Scan & Pin can store any password, user ID or other data to be recalled securely and quickly by a simple fingerprint scan from your Digital Persona fingerprint reader. The fingerprint software will then match the fingerprint scan in its own database and return the correct data fast and secure.

Save Time and Money

Scan & Pin fingerprint software will save you time and money. Just think how many times your customers, users or employees have forgotten, or worse, lost their membership, loyalty or ID card? For example, every time a magnetic swipe card is lost, you have to cancel the old card, re-program and re-issue a new card and transfer the old data across.

How long does it take for an employee to login to his or her computer intranet system, to login to their EPOS checkout or to validate a members authentication by card swipe? Now this time can be reduced by as much as 500% by simply scanning their finger on a fingerprint reader and letting the fingerprint software take care of authentication.

Quick Integration

Using Scan & Pin fingerprint software to retrieve personal details is a quick, easy and secure way to ensure your users or customers are who they say they are. Integrating Scan & Pin with your existing setup takes minutes and requires no development.

How can Scan & Pin work for you?

Scan & Pin can be used with any Windows software that needs information typed in or scanned in to authenticate a user or member. Scan & Pin is an extra piece of software that can be used to:-

  • Replace Manual Keyboard Entry

  • Replace Magnetic Swipe Cards

  • Replace Barcode Cards

  • Enhance Security

  • Speed Up Authentication

  • Save Money Replacing Lost or Stolen Cards/Fobs

These include:-

  • Membership Systems

  • Point of Sale Login

  • Loyalty Schemes

  • ID Verification

  • Intranet / Internet Login

  • Reception Visitor Book

  • Employee Timeclock Card/Fob Replacement

  • Hospitality Account Schemes

  • Gym / Training Management Systems

  • Library System