June 5, 2013

New FbF® Palm Vein Developer Bundle from Fulcrum Biometrics Provides Secure, Touch-Free Biometric Integration.

Fulcrum Biometrics now offers the award-winning Fujitsu PalmSecure palm vein sensor bundled with the new FbF Palm Vein bioServer and developer tools. The new FbF Palm Vein system makes it fast, easy and cost-effective to develop and deploy biometric technology solutions using the latest palm vein technology.

San Antonio, Texas - June 5, 2013 - Fulcrum Biometrics, a leading international provider, distributor and integrator of biometric systems and devices, today announced the availability of the FbF Palm Vein Developer Bundle . This suite, which includes the award-winning Fujitsu PalmSecure sensor, FbF Palm Vein bioServer, FbF Listener, and FbF Biometric Controls, reduces the cost and complexity of integrating and deploying the latest palm vein technology into biometric identification projects.

Palm vein imaging technology is one of the hottest new forms of biometric identification because it provides a high degree of accuracy, requires no touch contact and is virtually impossible to forge. While palm vein technology can be deployed in a wide range of applications, its combination of high security and contactless identification make it particularly ideal for banking applications, hospitals, clinics, schools and use in public places where hygiene is of great concern.

“The new, smaller PalmSecure sensors from Fujitsu enable cutting-edge palm vein technology to be used in a much broader array of biometric applications,” said Ken Nosker, president of Fulcrum Biometrics. “But integrating new technologies can often be a complex, expensive and time-consuming proposition. To ease integration complexity, we created an FbF Palm Vein Developer Bundle to provide developers with cost-effective, easy-to-use tools that integrate seamlessly with PalmSecure sensors, reducing time-to-market from months to weeks or even days,” Nosker explained.

How palm vein technology works:

The palm vein sensor uses near-infrared light technology to read the unique vascular patterns of an individual’s palm, capturing it as biometric identification data. The biometric template is then matched against pre-registered users’ palm vein patterns.

Palm vein technology offers a number of advantages over other biometric modalities:
  • Each individual’s patterns of blood vessels are as unique as a fingerprint or iris, but the palm has a broader area and more complex vascular pattern that contains multiple differentiating features for personal identification.
  • Because the sensor reads the hemoglobin in veins, it can only recognize the pattern if blood is actively flowing within the individual’s veins, which makes forgery virtually impossible.
  • Because veins are inside the human body, their patterns cannot be changed with lenses or topical applications.
  • The palm is less susceptible to changes in skin color or damage compared to the tips of fingers or the back of a hand, making it more reliable for identification over time.
  • Palm vein authentication technology offers a high level of accuracy with a false acceptance rate (FAR) of just 0.00008% or lower and an exceptional false rejection rate (FRR) of 0.01%, based on Fujitsu research using data from 140,000 palms.
  • Extremely fast authentication is usually completed in less than one second.

Palm vein identification technology is being used worldwide in high security applications for healthcare, financial/banking, commercial enterprises and educational facilities. The FbF Palm Vein Developer Bundle now enables this advanced technology to be easily deployed in an even wider range of applications for physical access control, logical access control, retail POS systems, ATMs, kiosks, time and attendance management systems, visitor ID management and other industry-specific biometric applications.

Advantages of using the FbF framework:

The Fulcrum Biometrics FbF framework is a rapid biometric application deployment system comprised of several reusable components that developers can quickly deploy in their environment. The FbF components are specially designed to remove all the complexity for developers who need to use high quality biometric identification and authentication but who do not have the experience or the time required to learn the intricacies of developing biometric solutions. Supporting biometric hardware devices, creating reusable controls and implementing fast and accurate biometric server side systems can be a challenge for even experienced developers. The FbF framework allows developers to focus on their application logic and end-user requirements by providing biometric capture, biometric enrollment and biometric matching functions with support for many popular sensors and multiple biometric modalities (fingerprint, iris, face, palm vein and palm print).

For more information about the FbF Palm Vein Developer Bundle with the Fujitsu PalmSecure sensor – and a wide range of other iris, fingerprint, palm print, face and voice biometric technologies – contact Fulcrum Biometrics at +1.800.430.4601 (International + or email info(at)fulcrumbiometrics(dot)com.

About Fulcrum Biometrics

Founded in 2002, Fulcrum Biometrics is a leading provider, distributor and integrator of biometric identification technologies and devices for commercial, civil and military customers in 88 countries worldwide. Fulcrum’s offerings include industry-leading biometric software development tools, fingerprint scanners and other biometric sensors as well as custom software development for multiple platforms, custom integration and implementation of identity management applications and access control systems. Fulcrum is the developer of the Fulcrum Biometric Framework (FbF®), a rapid biometric application deployment suite which includes the FbF bioServer, FbF LiveScan, FbF PalmVein, FbF mobileOne, FbF Listener, FbF Silverlight Client Library and FbF iOS Library.