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ClockView is a standalone time and management software product from Acumen Data Systems that contains many HR/employee management features and employee self-service capabilities.

It provides one centralized workforce management and time and attendance solution.

Easy-to-Navigate Dashboards

For everyone at your company, from administrators to supervisors to employees and everyone in between. Administrators are "super users" who create a pared-down version of the Administrator Dashboard for each supervisor. Provides real-time insight into your workforce. Red, yellow, and green icons enable supervisors to see who is out-of-office, on-break, and clocked-in, respectively. Adjustable Refresh Rate (Real-Time Capability)
  • Employee Clocking Info (In, Out, on Break)
  • Group & Department
  • View Supervisor's Approval of Employee Time
  • Email or IM Employee

  • Graphs Showing Employees in Vs. Out, on-Project, or on-Break
  • Recent Activity (Reports & Payroll Exports)
  • Search Function, Filters, & Sort Options
  • View Timecard by Double-Clicking Employee Name

Easily Configure Employee Interface

The Employee Dashboard provides employees with a centralized management console that administrators can customize by group, department, position, employee, and more. That way, each employee will view only the amount of information you consider appropriate.
  • Employee Clocking Info (In, Out, on Break)
  • Employee Self-Service Console
  • Time & Attendance Information
  • Time Off Request Management
  • Customize the Experience by Group, Department, Etc.

Employee Management

ClockVIEW makes it easy for you to control your employees' experience with the software - if you choose to have them interact with the software at all. Administrators can hide entire sections of the software or information as minute as one filed. You set read/write permissions by department, group, position, and employee for the ultimate in flexibility. The customization capabilities of ClockVIEW run deep. Every field and label in the software can be renamed to match the conventions used within your company. That way, if you call Departments something else like Business Units, you can ensure your time an attendance software matches the terminology your company uses.

Employee Messaging

ClockVIEW supports email, SMS (text), time clock and web clock employee messaging. The supervisor dashboard allows you to email, text, or message-at-the-clock any employee with the click of your mouse. Your default email or text application will be used for messaging.

Event Manager: Email Alerts

Event Manager sends administrators, supervisors, and/or employees automatic emails when certain events occur. You can create email alerts for many pre-configured events:
  • Late/Missing Punch
  • Demerit Limit Exceeded
  • Extra Breaks
  • Time Off Requests
  • New/Activated Employees
  • Early Out Punch
  • Time Off Overage

Employee Demographics

ClockVIEW makes it simple for you to keep employee demographic information such as addresses and phone numbers up-to-date. You choose to allow your employees to update their own information to reduce the data entry burden on you and your staff. You can set exactly what information an employee sees and can edit - so you have peace of mind your systems are always secure. Best of all: you can add fields for demographic information that you consider important. That way, if the software doesn't come pre-configured with a field for something you want to track, you can add it quickly and easily.

Keeping Time So You Don't Have To

ClockVIEW ensures accurate timekeeping for exempt and non-exempt personnel so you knew when your employees are working, on-break, or logged-out. Capture employee punches even during network outages so you never lose labor information. Features an electronic timecard to provide a familiar experience for companies transitioning to automated systems. With ClockVIEW, supervisors can quickly manage exceptions such as late punches and create rules to be notified when exceptions occur. Control punch grade periods and rounding rules to apply consistent rules across your workforce. ClockVIEW also supports supervisor approval of employee time.

Complex Rules Are Easy

ClockVIEW manages even the most complex pay rules to automate processes and ensure proper remuneration. We regularly incorporate unique pay rules for customers that just can't be found anywhere else because the rules are so obscure or specific. It automates the allocation of funding sources (such as a grant) for non-profit organizations. Incorporates complex union rules and we've implemented everything from briefing pay to schedule rotations to weighted overtime for companies with union-affiliated employees.

Time Off Requests

Time off requests appear on the supervisor homepage - bringing them to the forefront. Email alerts can also be configured to provide appropriate supervisors email notifications of pending time off requests. When approved or rejected, the time off request engine can be configured to send an email to the employee with notification. When approved, an Outlook Meeting Invitation can be automatically included with the email notification to add the time off to applicable supervisors' and employees' Outlook Calendar. And some time clocks support time off requests to be sent directly from the terminal. Many other employee self-service functions are also available.

Clocking Control

With our time and attendance software, you can control when your employees are allowed to clock in and out. You can restrict punches by time of day, employee schedule, location, and more to control payroll and reduce overtime costs. Punch grace periods and rounding rules can also be implemented quickly and easily to achieve a consistent application of time, attendance, and pay rules.


If you choose to have supervisors approve employees' time before running payroll, our time and attendance software offers several options to simplify management and speed processes. Administrators can setup the system so that specific supervisors only see their appointed employees. For task tracking, job tracking, or other special purposes, you may choose to implement employee time approvals so each employee "signs off" on their time.

Point/Demerit System

Point systems are created to reward or punish employees based on attendance, behavioral traits, accomplishments, and other criteria. Rules can be created to automatically assign points to an employee based on time and attendance. In addition, the point system can be combined with event manager to automate notifications. That way, if an employee is significantly late three times within a certain timeframe, for example, notifications can be sent to management, a point can be assigned to the employee, and an email notification can also be sent to the employee.

Minor Employment Management

Out time and attendance software features industry-leading minor employee management capabilities to mitigate the risk of labor-related litigation. Quickly create a school year calendar to ensure compliance with child labor laws that apply on school days. Our minor employee management features:
  • Create School Day Calendar
  • Establish Maximum Hours
  • Set Earliest Arrival Time
  • Set Latest Scheduled Time
  • Establish Maximum Number of Consecutive Days Permissible to Schedule Employee

Tip Reporting

ClockVIEW allows you to track and report on tips earned by servers and other staff.

Data Synchronization

ClockVIEW is a rules-based employee time and attendance system that enables administrators to create user-definable rules via any internet browser. It functions as either a batch or real-time system when used with Acume's data synchronization software, GetDATA and PutDATA. Together, ClockVIEW, GetDATA, and PutDATA automate the data synchronization process between each system. Data replication can be performed from database to database, application to web service, web service to web service, ASCII-separated file transfer (via file transfer protocol; newer methods such as XML/HTML via web services are also supported), and other common protocols. Legacy and common import/export data transfer methods are supported.

Hardware Support

Acumen supports both web-enabled time clocks and legacy time clocks - which can use special software for data communication. Mobile devices, smartphones, barcode scanners, networked clocks, and other innovative data collection methods are also supported. ClockVIEW is best used with the FB550 wall mounted biometric time clock.

Browser Support

Whether SaaS or licensed, our software supports most browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.

Dedicated Biometric Time Clocks

Featuring the latest in time clock technology

Hassle free fingerprint scanner offering the latest in accuracy and convenience.

Features a wireless badge reader for simple and quick management.

Standard Pin Based
Classic punch in and out using a standard keypad.

Acumen FB550

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