FbF® ChildSAFE

Click Here to download the FbF ChildSAFE product brochure as a .pdf document

Ensure the safety of the children in your organization’s care by verifying the identity of the people who pick them up with biometrically-enabled FbF ChildSAFE, part of the FbF Demographica Identity Suite.

FbF ChildSAFE is perfect for full- and part-time childcare centers, including:

  • Schools
  • Daycare centers
  • Churches and other houses of faith
  • Gyms and offices with in-house childcare programs
  • Athletic programs
  • Head Start

With FbF ChildSAFE you can manage the identities of your children, their parents and other authorized caregivers, your employees, and visitors. Because FbF ChildSAFE can

  • Guarantee the identity of the people picking up children
  • Automatically alert parents whenever a child is picked up
  • Print badges for children and visitors
  • Track time and attendance of employees or child pick up
  • Easily add fields to customize to your organization’s unique needs

…your operations will run smoothly, safely, and efficiently

  • Eliminate sign-in/sign-out sheets
  • Eradicate duplicate records
  • Know who is in the facility at all times at a glance
  • Improve center productivity and save money on labor costs

If you would like to see a Demo of FbF ChildSAFE please click on the button at the top of this page. To learn more about the FbF Demographica Identity Suite offerings including system requirements and other capabilities please click here.

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