IdentaMaster Pro Biometric Solution v5.5

IdentaMaster Pro For domain network installation

With IdentaMaster Pro, each user will be able to choose biometric technologies and readers based on simple enrollment and authentication, price, and design. IdentaMaster Pro offers easy and efficient integration capabilities that give users the freedom to choose when to add a new scanner or remove an existing scanner. It is both simple and efficient, helping to ensure security and privacy in consumers’ daily lives.

  • Ensure privacy by keeping your corporate network and sensitive data safe and secure
  • Freedom and flexibility to choose the scanner that works best for you
  • Encrypts data on your PC, cloud storage or corporate file servers and shared spaces
  • Essential solution for user role-based authentication in organizational secure environment
  • Flexible licensing model: supports sophisticated corporate network as well as simple home or small office

User Control
Built on top of Microsoft Active Directory architecture, IdentaMaster will allow precise control for system administrators to set up an access pattern to sensitive data across Microsoft network spaces. By utilizing biometric as a gold standard of the modern authentication procedure, administrators can quickly and securely preform privileged users control, such as logon history tracking, alerting and blocking access as necessary.

Microsoft Active Directory Authentication
IdentaMaster will enforce authentication requests within a Windows Domain Network. Adding biometric capabilities for login in Microsoft Network and accessing network resources significantly improves organizational security. It will help System Administrators create and manage user’s and group’s policies, access applications and services, and protect corporate data across the active directory environment.

Utilizes biometric characteristics to verify user identity prior to granting access to sensitive secured data you wouldn’t want others to see or be able to access.

Grants users the ability to secure their information with any biometric technology and scanners of their choice.

Gives users the simplicity and ease of a one-time installation. Once installed, the application is compatible with any individual device or multiple devices simultaneously.

Real-life examples about using IdentaMaster Pro:

Office workstations are full of important data that must be secured against hackers or “too curious” colleagues. IdentaMaster Pro replaces your password with biometrics that effectively protect you from criminals who want to steal your data. IdentaMaster Pro keeps your biometric encrypted data safe even when you use shared cloud storage – nobody can open the biometric encrypted files except an authorized person. With IdentaMaster Pro, you can also combine various biometric technologies and double-protect sensitive data. Who can hack a file encrypted with your iris and palm vein?

Crowded Place
IdentaMaster Pro supports unlimited accounts and every enrolled user is able to sign in to their account in a few seconds. It is fast and it is easy. Just scan a finger, say a phrase or look at the camera – no names, no passwords, pure privacy.

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