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Live Scan Fingerprinting Equipment & Software

Fulcrum Biometrics' turn-key systems include all of the hardware and software needed to capture, search, and transmit fingerprints. Our biometric expert experience makes all of the difference.

FbF LiveScan is the Most Intuitive Live Scan Software Available


Create and manage high quality biometric records through a repeatable and reliable process

Exchange records

Facilitate interchange of biometric records with partners such as the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) and the FBI

Instant review

Re-scan if the captured image is unsatisfactory

Quality scoring

Fingerprint image can be reviewed and re-scanned if the captured image is unsatisfactory

More than fingerprints

Capture more than finger and palm prints – scars, marks, tattoos, mugshots, signatures, and iris images

Meets industry standards

Conforms to the latest ANSI/NIST ITL and the FBI EBTS industry standards

State Certifications

Live Scan software must be certified by individual state agencies for electronic state submissions. FbF LiveScan is certifed in Georgia, Texas & Florida. For submission in other states, the print to card function will digitally capture fingerprints and print them on card which can be mailed.


FbF LiveScan is approved by the Georgia Dept of Public Safety for state fingerprint submittal

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The Texas Department of Public Safety certified FbF LiveScan for state fingerprint submissions

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FbF LiveScan software is an approved product by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement

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North Carolina

North Carolina DPS has approved FbF LiveScan software to used for state submittal

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Not Difficult

Requires minimal training

The simple interface of the Live Scan software prompts the operator through the steps of capturing fingerprint slabs and rolls. Also, the on-screen visualization of finger image quality scoring speeds the process.


Extremely durable

Fulcrum's Live Scan systems are manufactured to withstand high-use environments like those found in the booking process, jail environment or national ID projects.

Many Configurations

Desktop & Jumpkit

FbF LiveScan can be adapted to any work environment. In most cases, only a computer and fingerprint scanner are necessary. Stationary environments work best with desktop-type computers but kiosks are also available. To be more mobile, set up with a laptop or even "jumpkit" in a portable, wheeled hard case.

Need Expert Help?

Whether you are at the information gathering stage or in a hurry to buy, Fulcrum can guide you through live scan procurement.

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Tailored Solutions

Fulcrum engineers focus on innovative solutions specifically designed to meet our customer's requirements

Law Enforcement

Agencies will experience error reduction and increased speed in the booking process


Applications include employee background checks, professional certifications, & security clearances


Comply with DSS SWFT/OPM requirements or collect and use the biometric and demographic data needed to issue and validate secure credential documents

Firearms Dealers

Increase your NFA sales by offering fingerprint capture on-site for quicker ATF Form 1 application submissions

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to frequently asked questions about Live Scan

1. What's included in a bundle?

A Live Scan System Bundle includes a PC workstation (desktop or laptop) and a fingerprint capture device. In some cases, a digital camera, iris camera, signature pad and more are included.

2. What impacts the accuracy of scanned fingerprints?

Operator and biometric variables impact fingerprint quality. Moistness and ridge definition can affect how a fingerprint is reproduced.

3. Who uses Live Scan fingerprints?

Live Scan technology is used by many businesses and agencies including:

  • Regulated commercial businesses
  • Law enforcement
  • Refugee case management
  • Migrant assistance and protection
  • Military bases
  • Government and state agencies

4. What are the advantages of Live Scan fingerprinting?

  • Automated fingerprint matching
  • Inkless
  • Image quality is automatically checked and finger sequencing is performed which reduces reject
  • Faster capture process