Rapid Mobile ID

Reliable fingerprint matches in less than a minute

Conduct fingerprint searches in the field

Prevent a wanted offender from going free

Promote officer safety

Take proper safety precautions when you positively ID

Maximize productivity

Process individuals more efficiently

Protect the public

Remove potentially violent criminals more quickly

Prevent deception

A fingerprint is a very certain method for identifying a person

TXDPS certified

RISCmobile pulls results from the FBI's RISC database and the TXDPS Criminal History database. TXDPS may send the rap sheet AND a photo if available. The FBI's RISC does not return a photo at this time.

Enhance hometown security

During a traffic stop due to a broken tail light, a state trooper is handed a driver’s license with a photo that doesn’t resemble the driver. The trooper produces the RISCmobile tool, collects a fingerprint sample from the suspicious driver and submits the print to compare against the TXDPS database and also the FBI’s Repository for Individuals of Special Concern (RISC) database. Within a minute, a highly probable positive match is returned with an active arrest warrant in Nevada for a triple homicide. With this new clarity, the trooper calls for backup to take the driver into custody.

Ever expanding RISC database

RISC was launched in 2011 by the FBI. RISC is a subset of the criminal fingerprint records in the FBI AFIS database. The goal of the list is to create an optimized, quickly searchable list of the nation's most dangerous and concerning criminals for in-the-field agents using Mobile ID systems.

Have questions?

RISCmobile is developed by Fulcrum Biometrics so we are the RISC experts. We want to talk to your agency!

Current RISC responses include the Red/Yellow/ Green flag, the category of hit, the Master Name, the FBI Number, and limited NCIC information with the ability to request rap sheets. TXDPS may send the rap sheet AND a photo if available. The FBI's RISC does not return a photo at this time.
RISC supports rapid mobile identification searches using a minimum of two or maximum of ten fingerprint images (flat or rolled) against the population in RISC.
  • Wanted Persons (including the Immigration Violator File)
  • National Sexual Offender Registry Subjects
  • Known or appropriately Suspected Terrorists
  • Other Persons of Special Interest