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Comprehensive Workforce Protection Using Single Sign-On (SSO) and Biometric ID

Seamlessly Secure Your Business Applications and Reduce IT Costs

How can FbF bioLOGIN secure your workforce?

Two-thirds of data breaches are caused by human behavior and system problems—not external hackers. The weakest link in the security chain at many organizations is its employees. Shore up your security and eliminate the inadequacies of weak passwords by incorporating biometric ID such as facial recognition, fingerprint, palm, or iris scan. This will:

  • Bolster the security of your network and the data within
  • Improve compliance with regulatory standards
  • Reduce help desk calls regarding password resets

FbF bioLOGIN can be used to secure access to your critical business applications that are used by your workforce every day. FbF bioLOGIN protects your desktops and applications using single sign-on (SSO) and strong multi-factor authentication before granting your employees, contractors, and partners access. Your organization’s custom in-house applications can be integrated directly with FbF bioLOGIN using our identity management APIs. Auditing and reporting of your workforce’s lifecycle events is made easy using the real-time reporting capabilities of FbF bioLOGIN.

Single Sign-on

Enable SSO to reduce the risk of passwords and increase security using MFA. All applications (Web, Desktop & Mobile) are supported (OpenId, OAuth2, SAML & generic password fill).

Windows Desktop Security

Protect your computer desktops using strong multi-factor authentication. Remote access and UAC elevation are also secured using FbF bioLOGIN.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Use biometrics, smart cards, OTP, mobile phone authentication and other technologies to secure all critical business processes. FbF bioLOGIN’s support for the FIDO2 WebAuthn standard allows you to secure Windows PCs, iOS and Android phones/tablets.

Workforce Management APIs

Integrate authentication and workforce management into your own in-house applications using FbF bioLOGIN’s Workforce Management APIs. SDKs for C# and Javascript make integration simple. FbF bioLOGIN’s REST based WebAPIs can be called from any platform.

Universal Directory

FbF bioLOGIN’s Universal Directory can connect to your users in Microsoft Active Directory or Azure AD in the cloud. No schema changes are required. You can enroll contractors, partners or other users not in the Active Directory directly into FbF bioLOGIN’s built-in directory so those users can still use SSO and authentication.

Technology built on proven standards

When it comes to security, FbF bioLOGIN implements the standards that have been proven in the industry. FbF bioLOGIN supports OpenId, OAuth 2.0 and SAML for maximum compatibility and security for single-sign on applications. SCIM 2.0 allows FbF bioLOGIN to work seamlessly for identity management and user provisioning. FbF bioLOGIN uses the latest FIDO 2.0 and W3C WebAuthn standards to provide strong user authentication to all applications.

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