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Biometric Authentication

An Efficient and Secure Replacement to Passwords

FbF bioLOGIN can provide you easy, efficient, highly secure access

Every web site that requires a password seems to have just a little different requirement than the other resulting in the creation of numerous unique yet complex passwords that become impossible to remember and manage.

No more writing them down or trying to memorize them. The use of passwords is completely out of control and are no longer practical.

As managers of our digital world we know how important passwords are in reducing fraud yet at the same time challenging to manage therefore in an attempt to overcome these challenges cutting edge companies, like yourselves, are now embracing new biometric technologies to replace passwords.

Workforce Protection

FbF bioLOGIN secures your employees, contractors and vendors by using strong authentication and universal single sign-on to access and secure business applications and processes.

Technology built on proven standards

When it comes to security, FbF bioLOGIN implements the standards that have been proven in the industry. FbF bioLOGIN supports OpenId, OAuth 2.0 and SAML for maximum compatibility and security for single-sign on applications. SCIM 2.0 allows FbF bioLOGIN to work seamlessly for identity management and user provisioning. FbF bioLOGIN uses the latest FIDO 2.0 and W3C WebAuthn standards to provide strong user authentication to all applications.

Solve your unique cyber security challenges

Every business industry has its unique identity, authorization and authentication challenges. FbF bioLOGIN is designed to help you make authentication and identity security easy to implement.

Whether it be protecting patient identity in healthcare, or meeting regulatory compliance for multi-factor authentication in the financial sector, FbF bioLOGIN will make it simple and secure.


How can FbF bioLOGIN secure your workforce?

FbF bioLOGIN can be used to secure access to your critical business applications that are used by your workforce everyday. FbF bioLOGIN protects your desktops and applications using single sign-on (SSO) and strong multi-factor authentication before granting your employees, contractors, and partners access.

Your organization’s custom in-house applications can be integrated directly with FbF bioLOGIN using our identity management APIs. Auditing and reporting of your workforce’s lifecycle events is made easy using the real-time reporting capabilities of bioLOGIN.

FbF bioLOGIN Single Sign-On

A New Standard in Security and Convenience

How can FbF bioLOGIN Single Sign-On Features Help You?

FbF bioLOGIN features an enterprise class single sign-on engine that allows you to reduce IT friction and enable strong authentication into virtually all your business applications.

FbF bioLOGIN supports standards based SSO using SAML, OpenId Connect and Active Directory Federation Services, or you can use bioLOGIN built in PasswordVault SSO for applications that do not support any SSO standard.

Universal SSO Engine

Application and website login screens can be classified into 2 categories – those that implement an industry standard login process compatible with OAuth2, OpenID Connect, SAML or WS-Federation, and those legacy sites that follow no standard.

FbF bioLOGIN Universal SSO Engine can be an identity provider to any site that complies with the standards listed above, or it can store a user’s username and password in its secure bioLOGINVault and fill it into a legacy site that follows no standard.

Desktop applications

Not all applications run in a browser. For all those local and on-premise desktop applications, FbF bioLOGIN Universal SSO Engine is able to use its secure bioLOGINVault to replay the username and password into the login screen. This can be done even with text-based logins like those seen in applications run in terminal emulators (“green screens”).

SSO Store

Need to quickly provision an application using SSO? FbF bioLOGIN provides the FbF bioLOGIN SSO Store where you can search for your application and pull the SSO profile for that application into your organization so that it can be provisioned to your workforce. If you create a profile for a new application, you can share it on the store so the community of FbF bioLOGIN users can all benefit.

MultiFactor Authentication

FbF bioLOGIN allows you to use any of the supported authentication methods to authenticate a user every time they access a secured application in your business. This includes using biometrics like palm vein, fingerprint, and face or security devices like smart card, tokens or FIDO2 and U2F compatible hardware.

Active Directory Integration

FbF bioLOGIN allows you to provision SSO profiles to your users based on their roles and groups. FbF bioLOGIN SSO engine can use your Active Directory (AD) to read a user’s group membership and then provision different applications to those that need them in your organization.

Real-time Reporting

FbF bioLOGIN real-time reporting engine records all accesses to secured applications and resources. You can quickly find out who accessed which application, at what time, and from which machine. Reporting data can be exported into multiple formats for use with various third party reporting software.

Comprehensive Windows Desktop Security

A thorough, reliable approach to your everyday IT needs

How can FbF bioLOGIN Windows Desktop Security Features Help You?

Secure PC logins using FbF bioLOGIN Desktop Security feature that is easily managed by your IT department. Enable strong multifactor authentication to unlock your user’s Windows desktops and quickly track those logins in the FbF bioLOGIN portal. The FbF bioLOGIN Credential Provider for Windows also allows you to add strong authentication to Remote Desktop and UAC Elevation authentications. The kiosk mode features allows quick authenticated access to shared workstations in your organization.

Local/Domain Login

FbF bioLOGIN credential provider is designed to secure the login of all desktops whether they are domain joined or not. As organizations move to the “bring your own device” (BYOD) model, many devices accessing your network may not be joined to the domain. These devices can still be secured using FbF bioLOGIN and multi-factor authentication.

Shared workstation

A terminal in a hospital’s patient room, a PC on a factory floor, or a pool of Windows based tablets in a service center are all examples of machines that may be shared among many users and unlocked using a common Windows credential for quick access to the desktop. FbF bioLOGIN can be used to secure these devices so that individual users can quickly unlock the shared Windows desktop.

Multifactor Authentication

Use strong authentication devices to login or unlock a user’s Windows desktop. Supported devices include fingerprint readers, signature pads, palm vein scanners, voice recognition and FIDO2.0 compatible devices and more. Policies can be set to require strong authentication to access the desktop.

Universal Directory

FbF bioLOGIN credential provider can unlock the desktop of users from Active Directory, AzureAD or other directories that are being used by your organization.

Real-time Reporting

FbF bioLOGIN real-time reporting engine records all accesses to user’s Windows desktop. You can quickly find out who logged into a machine, at what time and from which IP address. Reporting data can be exported into multiple formats for use with various third party reporting software.

Cloud-Based Multifactor Authentication

The most comprehensive list of authentication modalities in the industry

How can FbF bioLOGIN MFA Secure Your Organization?

FbF bioLOGIN Multi-Factor authentication secures your workforce by allowing your organization to use multiple authentication factors for single sign-on (SSO) and desktop security. FbF bioLOGIN uses leading edge biometric technology to support fast 1:1 validation and 1:N identification of user identities. Support for industry standards like FIDO2 WebAuthn allows you to use strong authentication devices that are built into your Windows laptop, and iOS and Android based phones and tablets.

Biometric Devices

Use your fingerprint, face, signature, palm vein, and/or voice authentication to securely access applications. These biometric authenticators can work in 1:1 (validation) or 1:N (identification) mode. FbF bioLOGIN fingerprint matcher can be used for large scale identification of a single fingerprint from a database of 50 million in under 3 seconds.

Smart Cards

Use a smart card or your employee badge card to authenticate. FbF bioLOGIN smart card support works with standard PC/SC compatible readers and cards that have a Windows smart card minidriver available. Fingerprint match-on-card can be enabled for 3 factors of authentication (card + biometric + PIN).

One-Time Passwords

Secure your enterprise with an eye on cost. FbF bioLOGIN works with OATH TOTP and HOTP compatible OTP devices. This includes tokens, cards and mobile authenticators that implement these widely used standards. Often these are the cheapest (and even free) MFA devices available.

Mobile Authenticator

Download FbF bioLOGIN FIDO UAF compatible mobile authenticator and get a push message on your mobile phone when you try to login to a critical business application. Authenticating on your mobile phone in response to the push message completes the authentication and signs you in securely.

FIDO2 WebAuthN

Use a FIDO2 WebAuthN compatible authenticator that is built into or attached to your mobile phone or PC. This new standard does not require any client software to be installed on the PC or phone and is very simple for a user to setup and use.

Unique Workforce Management APIs

Secure APIs to Secure Enterprise Applications

Protect your custom applications using FbF bioLOGIN IAM APIs

Coding applications for modern day security and authentication can be challenging for your development team. By using FbF bioLOGIN WMAPIs, your developers can focus on building the features important to your business without having to worry about developing difficult security, identity and authentication modules for users.

RESTful WebAPI’s

Fbf bioLOGIN provides RESTful WebAPIs that can be called from any platform. APIs are provided for management, authentication and authorization of workforce users as well as managing organization applications for authentication and single sign-on.

Industry Standards

FbF bioLOGIN APIs are based on industry standards for user management, authentication and authorization. The IDAM APIs implement SCIM 2.0, OAuth 2.0, OpenId Connect and other standards to ensure the highest level of security and protection for your enterprise assets.

Development Kits

FbF bioLOGIN provides SDKs that wrap the RESTful APIs into easy to use objects and classes depending on your development platform. SDKs are also designed to easily integrate into popular development tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio.

Platform Independent

FbF bioLOGIN RESTful WebAPIs can be called from any platform. This allows you to integrate centralized Identity and Access Management (IAM) across your Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS and Linux application.

IoT Integration

Using Fbf bioLOGIN WMAPIs, you can integrate authentication in your enterprise across logical and physical devices. The WMAPIs can be called from IoT or other physical devices such as door locks, ATM machines, medicine cabinets, etc. to standardize authentication and authorization across all parts of your enterprise. Enroll once and authorize your workforce anywhere easily.

FbF bioLOGIN Universal Directory

Centralize all your workforce user identities

Centralize all your digital user identities using

FbF bioLOGIN Universal Directory

With FbF bioLOGIN, you can pull users from multiple enterprise directories such as Active Directory, Azure AD and LDAP so that you can view and manage their SSO, authentication and authorization policies from one central console. If you have customers, contractors, partners or other temporary employees that are not in your organization’s Active Directory, you can use FbF bioLOGIN built-in directory to provide SSO and authentication to those users.

Native Directory

FbF bioLOGIN allows your workforce users to be enrolled directly into OmniDefend if they are not present in any other enterprise directory. This allows to easily provision authenticated SSO and application access to temporary contractors, partners or employees that may not reside in a Microsoft based Active Directory.

Microsoft Active Directory / Azure AD

Built-in support is provided for on-premise Microsoft Active Directory and cloud-based Microsoft Azure AD. Workforce users can be synchronized from the Microsoft compatible directories. The tight integration allows users to be disabled from SSO and application access by simply disabling their account in Active Directory.

Extendable Directories

FbF bioLOGIN provides a modular API that can be used by developers to add support for other 3rd party or proprietary directories that maybe implemented in the enterprise.

Directory Policies

Workforce users that are synchronized in Active Directory or another 3rd party directory will maintain the login and password policies of that directory. For example, if you restrict employee login hours via Active Directory then their ability to login to SSO applications via FbF bioLOGIN will also be restricted to those same hours.

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