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FbF ChildSAFE biometric childcare management FbF® ChildSAFE

FbF ChildSAFE is a biometrically enabled software solution for increasing security and safety in your childcare management facility or operation. With FbF ChildSAFE you can automate identity verification of authorized individuals and parents.  Don't rely on antiquated systems to keep your children safe.

Our Price: $999.00
FbF MemberSAFE biometric membership management FbF® MemberSAFE

FbF MemberSAFE provides easy-to-use biometric functionality for tracking and managing people, while helping your organization avoid the cost and risk of serving unauthorized people.

Our Price: $999.00
FbF VisitorSAFE biometric visitor management FbF® VisitorSAFE

FbF VisitorSAFE provides easy-to-use biometric functionality for tracking and managing visitors. Stop using pen and paper to track and monitor your visitors today.

Our Price: $999.00
FbF DonorBankSAFE automated donor identification FbF® DonorBankSAFE

FbF DonorBankSAFE automates  your donor information processing while guaranteeing the identity of your donor with FbF DonorBankSAFE. Regardless of the kind of specimens you collect, your organization can benefit from FbF DonorBankSAFE’s simple ability to identify donors, track samples, and audit/report activity.

Our Price: $1,499.00