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Embedded Biometrics

When you need to embed biometric technologies and capabilities into small, portable or customized systems it can be quite challenging to find the right tools and components. Most of the big biometric hardware brands focus only on more standard biometric systems such as USB fingerprint scanners or wall mounted access control systems. The big biometric software brands typically do not even offer software tools that work on anything less than a powerful smart phone. Trying to find any sort of reliable information for where to go and what technologies are proven to work can be quite frustrating and at worst very costly if you make a mistake.

Fortunately Fulcrum Biometrics can provide sound guidance in this area based on our own experience working on embedded biometric systems. We can also provide you with access to the following kinds of technologies to help you along your way:

  • Embedded micro-controllers with pre-installed biometric algorithms
  • Small and light software tools that you can flash into the platform of your choice
  • Small and power efficient biometric sensors to build into your own product
  • Electrical Engineering support
  • Mechanical design support
If you are about to launch a product or project requiring embedded biometric technologies please contact our sales team now.