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Face Token Image License
Face Token Image License

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Face Token Image License

The Face Token Image component is designed to provide token(1) face images compatible with the Face Image Format as in ISO/IEC 19794 standard. This face image format enables range of applications on variety of devices, including devices that have limited resources required for data storage, and improves recognition accuracy by specifying data format, scene constraints (lighting, pose), photographic properties (positioning, camera focus) and digital image attributes (image resolution, image size).

The Face Token Image component has the following features:

  • Face Token Image creation from an image containing human face using eye coordinates which may be either hand marked or detected automatically using Neurotechnology face detection algorithm.
  • Face is detected and eye coordinates are acquired using state-of-the-art Neurotechnology face detection and recognition algorithm.
  • Intelligent image padding algorithm for cutting off parts of Face Token Image as specified in ISO/IEC 19794 standard.
  • Geometrical face image normalization according to the proportions and photographic properties, which are specified in ISO/IEC 19794 standard.
  • Evaluation of the created token face image for the following quality criteria suggested in ISO/IEC 19794 standard:
    • Background uniformity – the background in the token face image should be uniform, not cluttered.
    • Sharpness – the token face image should not be blurred.
    • Too light or too dark images – the token face image should not be too dark or too light.
    • Exposure range of an image – the token face image should have a reasonable exposure range to represent as much details of the subject in the image as possible.

  • Evaluation of the token face image quality based on suggestions of ISO/IEC 19794 standard (using the quality criteria above).

The Face Token Image component also includes proprietary algorithms for this functionality:

  • Person's gender recognition.
  • Emotions detection.
  • Facial feature points extraction for each person from an image.
  • Additional face attributes detection: smile, open-mouth, closed-eyes, glasses and dark-glasses.
  • Live face detection can be used for determining whether a face in a video stream belongs to a real human or is a photo. See recommendations for live face detection for more information.

The component is designed for desktop or mobile applications that run on PC or laptop with at least Intel Core 2 Q9400 (2.67 GHz) processor. It can be used from C/C++, C# and Java applications on all supported platforms. .NET wrappers of Windows libraries are provided for .NET developers.

(1) Token in this context is used as "symbolic image, good enough image for machine recognition." Token Image as in ISO/IEC19794-5: "A Face Image Type that specifies frontal images with a specific geometric size and eye positioning based on the width and height of the image. This image type is suitable for minimizing the storage requirements for computer face recognition tasks such as verification while still offering vendor independence and human verification (versus human examination which requires more detail) capabilities."

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