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Face Verification SDK
Face Verification SDK

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Face Verification SDK

Biometric Identity Verification for Large-scale High-security Applications

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The Face Verification SDK is designed for integration of facial authentication into enterprise and consumer applications for mobile devices and PCs. The simple API of the library component helps to implement solutions like payment, e-services and all other apps that need enhanced security through biometric face recognition, while keeping their overall size small for easy deployment to millions of users.

Different liveness detection functionalities are included to implement anti-spoofing mechanism with the possibility of configuring the balance between security and usability of the application.

Features and Capabilities

  • Compact library for deployment on mobile devices.
  • Based on VeriLook technology with millions of deployments worldwide.
  • Live face detection prevents spoofing.
  • Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux supported.
  • Programming samples in multiple languages included.
  • Reasonable prices, flexible licensing and free customer support.

The Face Verification SDK is intended for developing applications which perform end-user identity verification in mass scale systems like:

  • social networks and media sharing services.
  • online banking and e-shops;
  • government e-services;

The Face Verification SDK is based on the VeriLook algorithm, which provides advanced face localization, enrollment and matching using robust digital image processing algorithms based on deep neural networks. The SDK offers these features for large-scale identity verification systems:

  • Live face detection. A conventional face identification system can be tricked by placing a photo in front of the camera. Face Verification SDK is able to prevent this kind of security breach by determining whether a face in a video stream is "live" or a photograph. The liveness detection can be performed in passive mode, when the engine evaluates certain facial features, and in active mode, when the engine evaluates user's response to perform actions like blinking or head movements.
  • Face image quality determination. A quality threshold can be used during face enrollment to ensure that only the best quality face template will be stored into database.
  • Tolerance to face position. The Face Verification SDK allows head roll, pitch and yaw variation up to 15 degrees in each direction from the frontal position.
  • Multiple samples of the same face. Biometric template record can contain multiple face samples belonging to the same person. These samples can be enrolled from different sources and at different times, thus allowing improvement in matching quality. For example a person might be enrolled with and without beard or mustache, etc.
  • Features generalization mode. This mode generates the collection of the generalized face features from several images of the same subject. Then, each face image is processed, features are extracted, and the collections of features are analyzed and combined into a single generalized features collection, which is written to the database. This way, the enrolled feature template is more reliable and the face recognition quality increases considerably.

The Face Verification SDK package includes:

  • 1000 PRT licenses;
  • 1000 LIT licenses;
  • 3 dongles for license management.
  • Larger quantities of transaction licenses can be also ordered

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