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FbF® Inmate ID

FbF Inmate IDNever release the wrong inmate again with FbF® Inmate ID’s foolproof ability to match an inmate’s biometric data to exactly the right inmate…in less than a second.

FbF Inmate ID is an iris-based offender identification and management solution for detention centers. Enrollment and release are now done rapidly and error-free. Quickly create demographic and biometric profiles for inmates, assign locations, and add any relevant information. Recidivist inmates are accurately identified upon return without re-enrolling them.

FbF Inmate ID is used for:

  • Enrollment and release of an inmate
  • Tracking currently assigned location of an inmate
  • Fast biometric check-in and check-out
  • Instant headcount (who’s in the facility?)

The FbF Inmate ID system allows an officer to capture an inmate’s iris images, a mug shot, and any other biographic information for storage in the FbF ® bioServer inmate database. The FbF bioServer search engine quickly does the biometric matching in less than a second.

Download the FbF Inmate ID product brochure

Fulcrum Biometrics offers a bundle which includes FbF Inmate ID software and all the hardware you need to get started with enrollment and release of inmates.
Download the FbF Inmate ID Bundle product brochure

FbF Inmate ID Bundle includes:

Fulcrum Biometrics FbF Inmate ID Software Application
  • Free remote installation support
  • Free 1st year of maintenance and support provided by Fulcrum Biometrics
Iris Scanner
CMITech EMX-30 Dual Iris Imager (and base)

Laptop Computer
Dell 15” Latitude 3560

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