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Innovatrics SDK's

Innovatrics Fingerprint Software Development Kits are the world’s fastest fingerprint components available today. Effective, flexible, and the highest quality, the components below exemplify Innovatrics commitment to enabling clients’ unique requirements:

IDKit Fingerprint SDKs

Designed for 1:N Matching on both PC and Mobile Devices

IDKit Fingerprint SDK is a fingerprint Software Development Kit for high-speed 1:1 and 1:N matching utilizing Innovatrics’ proprietary fingerprint templates.

IDKit is unparalleled in speed, performance and accuracy. Offering quick and easy integration in the field, IDKit features easy end-client adoption with a low total cost of ownership and high return on investment. Below are some of the values and benefits you can experience with the IDKit Fingerprint SDK:

  • Blazing performance
  • Stunning Accuracy
  • Ease of Deployment
  • Fingerprint Quality
  • Sensor Independence
  • Brilliant Support
As a stand-alone software solution, integration couldn’t be easier. Simply call our libraries from your application and you’ll be able to easily extract fingerprint templates, compare them with fingerprints stored in a database, and return a result of the comparison. With the IDKit Fingerprint SDK, you get to focus on what’s important - your application - and leave the biometrics expertise to us.

ANSI & ISO Fingerprint SDKs

NIST MINEX and STQC certified fingerprint verification for PC and Mobile Devices

ANSI & ISO Fingerprint SDK is the ideal solution for developers that need to include extraction and matching of ANSI and ISO fingerprint templates in their application. Utilizing an easy-to-implement approach, developers can quickly integrate vendor-neutral fingerprint recognition technology that works with any image from fingerprint scanner.

Along with seamless integration, ANSI & ISO Fingerprint SDK provides a number of powerful features and benefits including:
  • Extraction and Matching of fingerprint templates in ANSI/INCITS 378, ISO 19794-2 and ILO SID standard
  • Measurement of fingerprint Image Quality for enhanced recognition rates
  • Conversion from and to ISO Compact Card Template
  • Support of ISO 19794-4 fingerprint image standard
  • Compliance with US Government’s Personal Identity Verification (PIV) standards
  • Certified in STQC (Standardisation Testing and Quality Certification Directorate designed for UIDAI)
ANSI & ISO Fingerprint SDK is highly compatible, flexible, lightweight and user-friendly software component. Simply install the component with your application, reference it in your code to instantiate it, and then just call the included functions. It’s that easy. Integration of ANSI & ISO Fingerprint SDK is the easiest way to comply with all major industry biometrics standards and gain interoperability of stored data.

Fingerprint Segmentation SDK

Fingerprint image segmentation and quality control for PC and Mobile Devices

Collecting fingerprint images for government, civil applications, immigration, or criminal databases typically involves capturing all ten fingerprints. Innovatrics Fingerprint Segmentation SDK quickly separates the image into individual figures, assigns sequence, and provides a quality score for each individual finger.

The Fingerprint Segmentation SDK includes a number of powerful features and benefits including:
  • Background noise removal
  • Support of different image format inputs and image conversion (WSQ, BMP, PNG, JPEG2K)
  • Ability to set bit rate for WSQ and JPEG2K formats
  • Fingerprint quality map retrieval
  • NFIQ - NIST Fingerprint Image Quality score retrieval
  • Dry / Low pressure and wet / high pressure finger detection
  • Build in support for 2-slap and 4-slap fingerprint scanners
With Fingerprint Segmentation SDK, it’s easy to add fast fingerprint image segmentation and fingerprint image quality control into your application.


face detection and tracing capabilities combined with image compliance evaluation

IFace SDK is a software development kit offering face detection and tracing capabilities combined with image compliance evaluation according to the requirements set by ISO standards and ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) specifications.

IFace SDK is a high speed real-time ICAO/ISO compliance checking solution for static and streamed image content. It offers a full-fledged software toolbox assuring high-quality output for your facial image analysis and enrollment solutions, and the generation of photos suitable for facial recognition. Typically, while processing an image stream, the IFace SDK enables you to detect face(s) in the images based on pre-set parameters (e.g. minimal / maximal eye distance), evaluate the pertinent characteristics and extract the chosen frames for further processing.
Innovatrics designed the IFace SDK to assure convenient support for self-serviced and assisted enrollment scenarios, and to enable quality evaluation of already enrolled facial images against the normative requirements.
The IFace SDK is able to check all mandatory requirements and best practice recommendations of all relevant international standards (ICAO Document 9303 specification and the ISO/IEC 19794-5 standard for the interoperable full frontal face image type).
  • Face/faces detection (multi-face tracking)
  • Real-time face and facial feature detection (auto-capture ready) and evaluation
  • Head pose deviation (yaw, pitch, roll)
  • Brightness, contrast, sharpness, grayscale, uniform lighting/shadow and hotspots/specularity in facial region
  • Detection of: closed eye, eyes gaze, red eyes, open mouth, eye glasses and heavy frame glasses
  • Background uniformity check and background removal
  • Multi-threading support
With iFace SDK, it’s easy to add image quality checking and compliance assurance into your application.

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