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Law Enforcement

Biometrics have been central to fighting crime for over a hundred years. Today’s computerized and automated solutions are faster and more accurate than ever, and Fulcrum leads the way in providing biometrics-based solutions for criminal identification, booking and tracking.
Whether protecting citizens or police personnel, Fulcrum has cutting edge solutions for

  • Booking (Live Scan)
  • Mobile Identification (FBI RISC)
  • Local AFIS
  • Windows Login/Single Sign ON
  • Applicant Background Check (Live Scan)

As a world leader in biometric solution advancement, Fulcrum’s vast experience in tailor-making solutions for law enforcement organizations is unparalleled. Today, in addition to offering the solutions of dozens of partners, Fulcrum manufactures its own RISC mobile and live scan software and is also the only FBI-certified scanning device for iOS (Apple) devices.

Regardless of the department size, the kind(s) of modalities needed, or the demand for accuracy or economy, Fulcrum can build a solution that is right for your team and your community.