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FbF® LiveScan Powered by Silencer Shop

LiveScan for NFA Firearms Dealers The most complete system for NFA firearms acquisition in America

ATF rules for acquiring an NFA Firearm are complex, time consuming, and costly to manage, especially since the institution of Rule 41F (Machineguns, Destructive Devices and Certain Other Firearms; Background Checks for Responsible Persons of a Trust or Legal Entity With Respect To Making or Transferring a Firearm).

Today, for an NFA Firearms dealer to be compliant, the dealer must take fingerprints (all fingers) and passport photos, print the fingerprints, get physical signatures, submit a variety of complicated forms to appointed government entities, and generally understand and facilitate everything about how “responsible persons” and “trusts” are defined and operate so they can make a sale and keep themselves and their clients within the law.


They can let FbF® LiveScan Powered by Silencer Shop do it for them.

Through Fulcrum Biometrics’ partnership with Silencer Shop—the nation’s largest silencer manufacturer—Fulcrum delivers a complete, painless system—built with FbF LiveScan--for capturing, submitting, and managing all the images and paperwork necessary for any NFA firearms dealer.

With a Silencer Shop Bundle or Jump Kit, any NFA firearm can be sold by any FFL/SOT, even if the FFL is not a Silencer Shop dealer. With our Silencer Shop system, selling an NFA firearm is as easy as selling a rifle or a pistol with not much more difficulty than filling out a standard Form 4473. Silencer Shop will:

  1. Complete a full review and submission of Form 4 paperwork
  2. Handle CLEO notification for all responsible persons
  3. Print all fingerprint cards and photos on high quality laser printers that have been specifically approved for Silencer Shop by the FBI
  4. Mobile and Web apps are available for customers to track status, update registration info, and even keep their photo up to date (which Silencer Shop also tracks)
  5. Capture all signatures digitally using NFA/ATF approved processes
  6. Manage all files, forms, and paperwork of each customer for the dealer, and send reminders when anything needs to be updated.
  7. Provide support for Silencer Shop provided software

No need to purchase a printer or a camera. These capabilities are built into Powered by Silencer Shop. They do it all.

Click here for details on how the Powered by Silencer Shop program works.

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