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Live Scan Systems

live scan “Live Scan Fingerprinting” is the commonly used term for electronically capturing ten fingerprints and demographic data for the purpose of instant submission to established authorities (such as the FBI and State databases) and replaces the outdated, inaccurate and messy process of recording fingerprint patterns with ink on cards. Live Scan is ideally suited for:

  • Civil and criminal enrollment and identification
  • Applicant background checks
  • National voter registration programs
  • Restricted licensing programs (such as firearms)
  • Large scale benefits management enrollment
Fulcrum’s FbF LiveScan solutions electronically transmit fingerprint images to the FBI or any other AFIS system in a matter of seconds, instead of days.

FbF® LiveScan

When you need to perform fast and accurate background checks for employment purposes or comply with state or federal agency mandates, FbF LiveScan is the off-the-shelf solution you need.

FbF LiveScan is DoD compliant and FBI Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS) approved. Users of FbF LiveScan can work with the OPM (Office of Personnel Management) system and can also take advantage of the Secure Web Fingerprint Transmission (SWFT) program to comply with Department of Defense directives.

FbF LiveScan offers a growing suite of solutions for live scan uses in a wide variety of applications:

Features and Benefits:

  • Capture full-rolled and flat-slap fingerprints needed for all print cards and electronic submissions (palm is also available)
  • Application easily and intuitively guides the operator through the sequence of print captures.
  • Transmits results to state and federal authorities
  • Certified with a significant number of printers
  • Instant NIST quality evaluation and rating
  • Save incomplete transactions to finish later

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