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Lumidigm M-Series M310 Module - EOL
Lumidigm M-Series M310 Module

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Lumidigm M-Series M310 Module Multispectral Fingerprint Scanner

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Lumidigm M-Series M310 Modulesensor modules extend the power and reach of our award-winning multispectral imaging technology to a whole new set of markets, applications, channel partners and users. Like all other multispectral imaging products from Lumidigm, Mercury is designed for those who need a biometric technology or solution that simply works where other competitive alternatives often fail.

Mercury continues Lumidigm’s field-proven tradition of consistently outperforming all other competitor products in its class. In addition to delivering world-class biometrics performance, Mercury’s design enables multispectral imaging products to be more easily integrated into a growing set of devices and/or systems.

The core benefit of Lumidigm’s multispectral technology is that it virtually eliminates common real world problems experienced by conventional fingerprint sensors. Mercury’s smaller and more flexible form factor is the more obvious visible difference from our high-end Venus line of products. What is not so obvious perhaps is, despite its size, the new Mercury Series sensor module is still quite powerful and very feature rich.

M-Series M310 Module sensor modules support multiple modes of operation. This new functionality is a core component of the product’s design and is built-in to the Mercury product architecture. This means more flexibility and a variety of choices for integrators. Mercury devices can be configured to deliver high-quality images or ANSI-378 standard templates. Mercury can also be designed into either verification (1:1) or Identification (1:N) applications. All of this enhanced functionality is built into every OEM module. It is a standard, no-cost capability that is packaged into this offering.

Lumidigm M-Series M310 Module highly integrated and advanced architecture makes it both extremely accurate and very fast. With Mercury, we once again demonstrate that Lumidigm products are able to deliver superior and unmatched biometrics performance without compromise.

Lumidigm M-Series M310 Module Features

Superb Image Quality

Lumidigm’s multispectral imaging technology simultaneously reads the surface and subsurface to capture clear, clean images every time—even when surface features are absent or hard to distinguish due to age, dirt, finger pressure, and skin or environmental conditions. Our sensors enroll and verify every fingerprint including those that thwart conventional sensors. Solve failure to enroll (FTE) and failure to acquire (FTA) issues with Lumidigm’s M-Series.

Spoof detection

Eliminate performance problems associated with conventional fingerprint sensors. M-Series sensors protect against fake and spoof fingerprints by capturing detailed surface and deep tissue data. Using the biometric industry’s best spoof detection technology, we provide the most secure and accurate sensors available—over 20,000 samples tested and detected to date.

Ease of Integration

Lumidigm M-Series M310 Module design enables multi spectral imaging products to be easily integrated into a growing set of devices and systems. M-Series sensor modules support multi ple modes of operati on. This functi onality is a core component of the product’s design and is built-in to the Mercury product architecture. This means more flexibility and a variety of choices for integrators.

State-of-the-Art Performance

M-Series sensors outperform other sensors by improving your application’s throughput, accuracy, speed, and security. Let Lumidigm’s patented technology solve your management hassles and end-user frustration by delivering the high-quality images you expect…every time.

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