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MegaMatcher ABIS 11.0 Client Application
MegaMatcher ABIS 11.0 Client Application

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MegaMatcher ABIS Client Application is a modular web-based application designed to operate with the MegaMatcher ABIS solution. It provides the following functionalities:

  • Identity Management – provides the following functionalities:
    • Enrollment – registration of person's biometric and demographic data with the following features:
      • Multi-biometric capture – supports fingerprint, face and iris biometric modalities. A wide range of biometric devices is supported, including more than 150 fingerprint readers and iris scanners models, as well as out-of-the-shelf web and IP cameras.
      • Demographic data – allows to specify name, sex, date of birth, address, as well as other data fields, which are unlimited and can be customized.
      • Live registration – person's biometric and demographic data are entered into the system in real time from stationary or mobile enrollment stations.
      • Data import – the system provides means to import a batch of biometric data from image files, which were captured in the field or taken from another system.
      • Quality check – evaluation of image quality based on standard and proprietary algorithms
      • ICAO compliant facial image capturing – checks image pixelation, washed out colors, background uniformity, face darkness, skin tone, skin reflections, glasses reflections, red eyes and looking away eyes. The red eyes can be corrected automatically.
    • Update – personal records can be refilled or changed at any time with new biometric and demographic data.
    • Delete – personal records, which are outdated or incorrect, can be deleted
    • Demographic and biometric search – allows to find particular person not only by name or surname, but also by face, fingerprint and iris biometrtical records.
  • Adjudication – a visual tool designed for operators to examine questionable biometric matching results, which are forwarded by the Matching Service, and take appropriate decisions. The questionable matching results, like non-matching templates or detected duplicate(s), are determined by defined restrictions in the System administration module. The tool provides easy examination of given biometric data by providing detailed templates review.
    • Fingerprint, face and iris images are shown in side by side or overlapping view with the possibility to transform and enhance biometric images so that some aspects could be seen more clearly.
    • Modality-specific features (such as fingerprint minutiae, cores, deltas).
    • Matching scores for each biometric modality.
    • Problematic fingers.
    • Matched data which is highlighted for easier inspection (such as matched minutiae are optionally connected by lines for visualization).
    • Age estimation and gender classification are performed automatically to help human operators in resolving questionable cases.
  • Latent Fingerprint Editor – a visual tool which provides ability to analyze the fingerprint image, perform automatic and manual enhancements as well as fingerprint feature points management. It is designed for the cases, when automated image processing is unable to extract all minutiae or extracts a lot of false minutiae from a latent fingerprint image (for example, taken from the crime scene). Therefore, an expert should manually edit a fingerprint template in order to submit it to the system for the identification.
  • System administration – designed to manage and monitor MegaMatcher ABIS system using role-based access control and consists of the following parts:
    • System Management – provides ability to manage MegaMatcher ABIS system's state.
    • System Monitoring – dedicated for visual MegaMatcher ABIS real-time execution monitoring.
    • User Management – dedicated to create and revoke users as well as provide or restrict access permissions to particular MegaMatcher ABIS modules.
    • System Configuration – provides ability to define criteria for search engine (such as matching thresholds for identification and verification).
    • Report Generation – statistical reports with filtering possibility are provided for full MegaMatcher ABIS actions inspection.

    MegaMatcher ABIS Client Application works on Microsoft Windows, Linux, Android and iOS.

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