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MegaMatcher on Card SDK
MegaMatcher On Card SDK

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MegaMatcher on Card Multibiometric SDK

Smart card multi-biometrics

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MegaMatcher On Card SDK offers matching-on-card technology that stores a person's fingerprint, iris and face templates on a smart card and performs template matching in a microprocessor embedded in the card, instead of matching biometric information on a PC processor.
The match-on-card method ensures that personal biometric information does not transfer to an external computer as it would in a more basic template-on-card system.

  • NIST MINEX-compliant fingerprint engine
  • PC-like verification accuracy
  • Configurable verification modes
  • Security and privacy
  • Multi-biometrics support
  • ISO/IEC standards support
  • Easy integration with existing systems
  • Different smart card platforms supported

SDK Contents

The table below lists the components of MegaMatcher On Card 11.0 SDK:

Components Microsoft Windows
(32 & 64 bit)
(32 & 64 bit)
Mac OS X
(32 & 64 bit)
(32 & 64 bit)
JavaCard OS
• Smart card with fingerprint matching engine 2 smart cards
• Smart card with multi-modal fingerprint, face and iris matching engine 1 smart card
• Fingerprint Card Extractor 2 single computer licenses
• Face Card Extractor 1 single computer license
• Iris Card Extractor 1 single computer license
• Library for communication with a smart card + + +
• Device manager library + + + +
Programming samples
• C# +
• Visual Basic .NET +
• Java + + + +
• JavaCard (enrollment and verification applets) +
Programming tutorials
• C + + +
• C++ + +
• C# +
• Visual Basic .NET +
• Java + + +
• JCDKv2.2.2 apdutool +
• NXP JCOP tools JCShell +
• MegaMatcher On Card SDK documentation +

MegaMatcher On Card fingerprint matching engine

MegaMatcher On Card 11.0 fingerprint matching engine performs fingerprint template matching in 1-to-1 mode (verification). Being based on the MegaMatcher technology, the engine is tolerant to fingerprint rotations, translations and deformations.

MegaMatcher On Card face matching engine

MegaMatcher On Card 11.0 face matching engine performs face template matching in 1-to-1 mode (verification).

MegaMatcher On Card iris matching engine

MegaMatcher On Card 11.0 iris matching engine performs iris template matching in 1-to-1 mode (verification).

Fingerprint Card Extractor component

Fingerprint Card Extractor creates ISO/IEC 19794-2 on-card comparison format fingerprint templates from fingerprint images.

Face Card Extractor component

Face Card Extractor creates face templates in proprietary on-card comparison format from face images. The Extractor can generalize a face template from several face images to improve the template's quality. The algorithm has also the ability to recognize whether a face in a video stream belongs to a real human or is a photo, in order to improve the overall security of the system.

Iris Card Extractor component

Iris Card Extractor creates iris templates in proprietary on-card comparison format from eye images.

Device Manager

Device Manager software allows to capture data from supported fingerprint readers, iris scanners, cameras and webcams. Integrators can also write plug-ins to support their fingerprint readers, cameras or other devices using the plug-in framework provided with the Device Manager.

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