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Strategic Teaming

More and more opportunities that involve identity management, security, or biometrics components are emerging. For companies facing big opportunities but lacking the biometric expertise or resources needed to do the work or close the deal, Fulcrum can provide the complementary skills, resources, and capabilities needed, and we can readily fill the experience gap between your company’s competency and the demands of the project.

While Fulcrum has successfully teamed on many government and defense projects since our inception in 2002, we’ve aligned with numerous companies on private sector, commercial, and international projects as well. Lower your costs and risks by avoiding investment in retooling your company, merging or acquiring other companies. Access and leverage the “best of the best” without being the best yourself.

You can count on the expertise and competency of Fulcrum to take you from the pre-tender process, through the minutiae of the RFP/RFP response and right on to the final implementation and execution of project’s conclusion. Oh, and we’re fluent in both English and Spanish.

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