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Offender Management

member management A new advanced system called FbF® Inmate ID provides a more accurate, rapid inmate identification/confirmation process that uses iris-scanning for booking and release in detention centers.

The FbF Inmate ID system allows an officer to capture an inmate’s iris images, a mug shot, and any other biographic information for storage in the FbF ® bioServer inmate database. The FbF bioServer search engine quickly does the biometric matching in less than a second.

FbF Inmate ID is used for:

  • Enrollment and release of the inmate
  • Tracking currently assigned location of an inmate
  • Fast biometric check-in and check-out
  • Instant headcount (who’s in the facility?)

Citizen safety is a prime concern for law enforcement agencies, and iris recognition reduces the possibility that the wrong person is released from jail— which can be devastating to a community. Media reports of detention facilities mistakenly releasing the wrong inmate are prevalent with some jails erroneously releasing inmates early as many as five times a year.

Characteristics of the iris make it superior compared to other biometric traits used in identity management solutions. A high-resolution photograph of an iris contains 240 unique points of reference for identifying a person— that’s about 100 more reference points than a fingerprint. The likelihood of damage or scratches exists with other biometric traits such as fingerprints. The iris, however, is well protected behind the eyelid, cornea and aqueous humor, so it is less susceptible to damage.

The FbF® Inmate ID Bundle is your one-stop way to do iris-based offender identification and management. This bundle includes FbF Inmate ID software and all the hardware you need to get started with enrollment and release of inmates.

To learn more about FbF Inmate ID and its competitive pricing, contact Fulcrum Biometrics at 800-430-4601

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