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Fingerprint BSS License Fingerprint BSS License

The Fingerprint BSS License component allows developers to integrate support for fingerprint template and image format standards and additional image formats with new or existing biometric systems based on VeriFinger SDK.  This license is available for customers using VeriFinger 7.0 or MegaMatcher 5.0 or higher SDK.

Our Price: $11.86
Fingerprint WSQ License Fingerprint WSQ License

The Fingerprint WSQ component allows to integrate support for WSQ (Wavelet Scalar Quantization) image format. The WSQ format allows to compress a fingerprint image up to 10-15 times.  This license is available for customers using VeriFinger or MegaMatcher SDK.

Our Price: $11.86
Volume License Manager Key Volume License Manager Key

The Volume License Manager Key is used in conjunction with the Neurotechnology Volume License Manager software (included in all Neurotechnology SDK's). This USB key (also knows as a license dongle) is used by system integrators or end users as one of several ways to manage and deploy purchased Neurotechnology licenses. The Volume License Key can be programmed with any combination of Neurotechnology licenses including licenses from different SDK's if needed.

Our Price: $23.00
Fingerprint Extractor License Fingerprint Extractor License

The Fingerprint Extractor License provides applications authorization to call functions for creating fingerprint templates from fingerprint images. Image quality controls can be applied to accept only good quality fingerprint images. Also, the Extractor License allows for generalization of several fingerprint images into one template to improve template quality. This license is available for customers using VeriFinger or MegaMatcher SDK.

Our Price: $23.72