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Mobile Biometrics - iOS Biometric Apps for iPad/iPhone

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FbF mobileOne iOS App FbF® mobileOne iOS App

The FbF mobileOne is a Made for iPod approved fingerprint scanner that provides FIPS-201 and PIV certified fingerprint images to an iOS device, which are REAL fingerprint images that meet the highest standards of law enforcement and commercial identification. This application will demonstrate the ability of the mobileOne to capture 500dpi, high-resolution fingerprint images. Additionally, users will be able to save the scanned images to the iOS device, sent the images via email, or post the images to an FTP server.

Our Price: $99,999.99
FbF mobileMatch iOS App FbF® mobileMatch iOS App

This application will allow the user to enroll fingerprint biometric templates into a Fulcrum Biometrics provided biometric matching server (FbF bioServer). This server may be hosted by Fulcrum or end users may license and host their own bioServers. This application allows users to associate fingerprints with persons in their iOS Contact file.

Our Price: $99,999.99
No Worries Field Trip Manager No Worries Field Trip Manager

No Worries Field Trip Manager ™, designed by Cayen Systems, is an application designed to manage the presence of travelers at various points and times on a trip. No Worries allows the user to record if a traveler is “HERE” at certain date/time through the use of the FbF mobileOne QuickDock finger scanner attached to an iPod, iPhone or iPad

Our Price: $99,999.99
FingerSCAN DecedentID FingerSCAN DecedentID

Now Coroners, Medical Examiners and Death Investigators have an easier way to collect fingerprints from decedents at the scene or in the morgue. FingerSCAN DecedentID is a mobile application that runs on iOS devices. Because of the portability of this system, it’s possible to collect electronic fingerprint images in the field and share those images and the fingerprint record that the app generates via email or secure FTP file transfer.

Our Price: $99,999.99