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FbF bioServer Lite FbF® bioServer Lite

The FbF bioServer Lite Class is designed for small, single server systems supporting a single biometric modality. Developers can choose between finger and face identification as the default options. Iris identification may be selected as an upgrade feature.  FbF bioServer Lite is perfect for applications with less than 10,000 enrolled records.

Base Price (add options) $99,999.99
FbF<sup>&reg</sup> bioServer Standard FbF® bioServer Standard

The FbF bioServer Standard Class supports deployment of a client/server based multi-biometric, iris-face-finger identification applications on a single server (with or without redundancy). This solution is suitable for network-based and web-based systems with database size ranging from several thousand records to  a few hundred thousand records.

Base Price (add options) $99,999.99
FbF bioServer Extended FbF® bioServer Extended

The FbF bioServer Extended Class supports the deployment of large-scale, network-based AFIS or multibiometric identification applications. The fault-tolerant, scalable cluster software allows integrators to achieve fast parallel matching, process high numbers of identification requests, and handle databases with practically unlimited size. The Extended Class is designed for systems with up to a few million records requiring fast response times.

Base Price (add options) $99,999.99
FbF PalmVein bioServer FbF® PalmVein bioServer

The FbF PalmVein bioServer is designed for organizations and developers that desire to use only Palm Vein identification and verification.  The FbF PalmVein bioServer works well with identification and verification where the database of users is 1000 or less. Faster Identification for larger population sizes can be added as an optional feature.

Base Price (add options) $99,999.99