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Childcare Management

childcare management A child being picked up by an unauthorized person may be your organization’s worst nightmare. If so, then biometrically-enabled childcare management software is the tool you need to remove this terrible risk.

With childcare software that captures fingerprints (and/or any other biometric), you can verify the identity of every enrolled caregiver and be assured that the person professing to know Little Johnny or Suzy is exactly the person authorized to remove the child from your safekeeping to their own.

Of course childcare software has dozens of other functions and features that facilitate the smooth operation of a childcare facility—like organization of a child’s personal information, payment reminders, text and email alerts to parents, and staff time and attendance record keeping.

Childcare management software is critical for:

  • Schools
  • Daycare centers
  • Churches and other houses of faith
  • Gyms and offices with in-house childcare programs
  • Athletic programs
  • Head Start

And with biometrics enabled, you enhance the power of the software by making it SAFE—Secure, Accurate, Fast, Economical.

Avoid the horrific consequences of releasing a child to the wrong person by acquiring biometrically-enabled, identity-verifying childcare software, or by insisting that your current software become biometric capturing capable (ask us how).

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