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Developer Tools

Biometric technology isn’t in its infancy. But adding biometric capability to your organization’s working environment still offers very few out-of-the-box solutions that simply “plug in” to your databases, networks, or facilities. Most organizations need to build customized solutions that fit their exact needs.

To meet this demand, Fulcrum has developed solutions and fostered key partnerships that allow us to offer industry leading biometric integration systems and software development kits (SDK’s) to meet any opportunity, scale, and budget.

  • Fulcrum Biometric Framework (FbF®) - Our rapid biometric application enablement tools are the closest thing to an out-of-the box system available. Elegantly built with unlimited applicability, FbF will save your team months of development time and expense. The FbF tools can support any biometric application development from mobile to desktop to client-server to cloud based systems. Our tools support best of breed biometric hardware and algorithms.
  • Neurotechnology SDKs - A suite of individual low level biometric software development kits for Fingerprint, Face, Iris, Palm Print, and Voice as well as a single comprehensive kit containing the API's for all the modalities bundled into one development tool. Neurotechnology SDK's can scale to any size population and support a wide variety of hardware options..
  • Embedded Biometrics - For those needing to get very small, portable and battery operated, we have a variety of options that will support your embedded development projects.
  • Futronic SDKs - Futronic provides a lightweight but efficient fingerprint-only software development solution that works with only Futronic Scanners.