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Your company’s “identity management” challenges probably go well beyond who’s allowed to sign into company computers. Do you…

  • Need to know that everyone on your campus is authorized to be there?
  • Need to know that people on your payroll are arriving on time and leaving on time (and not “buddy punching” or submitting false timecard data)?
  • Need to know that the people you are serving are who they claim to be?
  • Need to verify that your clients or employees are authorized to receive benefits or services?
  • Have an employee or client population that is sometimes difficult to identify (e.g. prone to losing ID cards, mentally or physically disabled, homeless, very young or old, non-citizen, highly mobile, on parole, drug users, etc.)?
  • Have challenges with employees practicing poor password habits and creating security weaknesses?
  • Need to secure information or property at anything above the most basic levels?
  • Do all your employees know all your customers and all your other employees?

If you said “yes” to any of the first seven questions or “no” to the last one, then your company either has or needs multiple procedures that identify people (called “multi-factor authentication”) to protect its assets.

For many situations, biometrics is a GREAT choice to include as a “factor.” Because the characteristics of a biometric are unique to every individual and can’t be lost, forgotten, stolen or faked, capturing a person’s biometric is often the best choice in verifying the identity of your employees and stakeholders.

At Fulcrum, we bring together solutions of all modalities, economies and complexities to meet the need of organizations, small and large. We are committed to making your identity management program more


When identity intersects with security, you need Fulcrum Biometrics!