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FbF® Demographica Identity Suite

FbF The FbF Demographica Identity Suite is a collection of basic identity management applications that allow organizations to verify the identities of its constituents (clients, employees, visitors, donors, etc.)

Easily configured and operated, Demographica uses fingerprint technology to quickly and accurately match the people enrolled in your database(s) as they access your facilities or services, making your business S.A.F.E. (Secure Accurate Fast Economical).

Use Demographica to:

  • Regulate who is entering and leaving
  • Track samples, specimens, or evidence
  • Limit or deny access to unauthorized people
You need Demographica any time security intersects with identity in your organization—any time you MUST be certain that the person you’re letting in is who he or she claims to be, so you can guarantee the safety and integrity of your people and assets.
FbF Demographica currently comes in four configurations:

All Demographica applications are configured to:

  • Match fingerprints to enrolled people in a database
  • Print badges
  • Store and/or require multiple forms of identification, including PINs and pictures
  • Send automatic alerts
  • Run, export, and print activity reports
  • Automatically generate reminders to constituents of the need for pending action
  • Track time and attendance (for payroll or other purposes)
  • Scale to any size organization
Minumum Requirements:

Operating System - All versions of Windows 7 and higher, both 32 & 64 bit
Processor - Intel i3 or AMD Turion II recommended. Lesser performing processors are acceptable, but may lead to performance degradation
Memory - 2 GB minimum, 4 GB recommended
Hard Disk - 300 MB available hard disk space minimum, 500 MB suggested to allow for database growth
Display - 1280 x 720 minimum resolution
USB - Requires up to 3 available USB ports for fingerprint scanner, biometric dongle and optional 2D Barcode Scanner
Network - Requires an internet connection for installing the latest windows updates and windows installers. Enterprise version requires network capability
Software - Adobe Reader and Current Windows Updates Recommended – Latest Service Packs Required
Hardware - USB 2D Barcode Reader capable of reading QR Code and PDF417 barcode formats (If applicable)