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FbF® Multi-Biometric Framework

Built upon more than a decade of experience enabling biometric solutions, the Fulcrum Biometrics Framework (FbF®) products are a suite of tools that simplify the inclusion of biometrics into any new or existing mobile, desktop, or web-based application. With FbF tools, you have everything you need to biometrically link a physical person to their records in your database or application. By choosing to work with the FbF tools instead of low-level SDK’s, your time can be spent focused on perfecting your application or solution’s core features rather than becoming an expert in implementing biometrics.

With FbF

  • Spend hours—not months—integrating biometrics into your systems or applications
  • Use the biometric modalities (iris, finger, face, vein, etc.) best suited to your security needs
  • Scale to any size population—from a small office, to a large enterprise and all the way up to national scale
  • Save thousands of dollars in engineering costs and time spent focusing on non-core activities
Now you can satisfy the concerns of auditors, regulators and customers by increasing the speed, accuracy and reliability of validating individual identities in your environment.

FbF bioServer

The heart of the Fulcrum Biometric Framework is the FbF bioServer. The bioServer was designed from the beginning as a multi-modal engine and is a biometric matching engine that effortlessly connects to your network and securely accepts and rapidly processes biometric enrollment and matching requests. This makes using one or more biometric modalities such as fingerprint, face, iris, palm or palm vein recognition as simple as turning the various modes on through licensing, with no code changes required for the server side at all. The bioServer is available as a hardware or software appliance or as a hosted service flexible to you and your customers’ deployment requirements. In addition to being flexible, the bioServer is scalable and can easily grow with your user population.

FbF bioServer enables the easiest biometric server deployment process.

FbF bioClient

Integrating and maintaining support for a variety of biometric scanners and readers can be complicated, time consuming and frustrating at times. The FbF bioClient seamlessly handles this process for you. The bioClient provides a simple and consistent interface to the most widely used scanners and readers for each biometric modality. The bioClient’s function is to manage the collection and subsequent submission of biometric samples for your application. The bioClient, like the bioServer, is a ready-to-deploy application that requires no coding.

  • Capture any biometric type (finger, face, iris, etc.)
  • Works with a wide variety of biometric capture devices
  • Output various image formats (WSQ, BMP, JPG, etc.)
  • Output standards compliant (such as ANSI or ISO) and proprietary templates

By separating your application from biometric capture and processing, the FbF bioClient (Listener) lets application designers and developers focus on developing the core functionality of your business’ most important applications.

FbF bioControls

Integrating biometric enrollment, verification and identification capabilities in your new or existing application is a simple and painless exercise thanks to the bioControls. The bioControls essentially link your application, the bioClient and the bioServer together. Available as a set of drag-and-drop components, you use the bioControls in your development tools. They are the only piece of FbF code “embedded” into your software. Whether developing a web-based application, a traditional software application or something in between the bioControls come in several flavors to suit your requirements - .Net, Silverlight, HTML, or WPF. FbF bioControls eliminate the need for writing complicated code to communicate with the biometric capture hardware and the biometric matching engine.

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