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Local, state, regional, and national governments all over the world utilize Fulcrum Biometrics’ expertise and solutions to meet the challenges associated with knowing and verifying the identity of their populations. Whether to enhance security, significantly reduce fraud, or identify criminals, Fulcrum brings together the best available technologies to create unique solutions for any size government or government program.

  • Civil registries
  • Distribution of government benefits
  • Border control
  • Voter registration
  • Criminal identification
  • National ID cards
  • ePassports
  • Immigration
  • Defense
For over a decade, Fulcrum Biometrics has been the go-to provider for governments looking for the technical expertise, unbiased, unvarnished advice, and breadth of hardware, software, and algorithm options necessary to implement major identity programs with a biometric component. Regardless of the program size, the kind(s) of modalities needed, or the demand for accuracy or economy, Fulcrum is at the forefront of biometric solution crafting and implementation.