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Protecting patient information and privacy and enhancing the security of everything, from facilities to computers to pharmaceuticals, is a critical and challenging task. Appropriately using biometrics to help accomplish these objectives can be an essential part of the regulatory compliance strategy as well as a method to increase overall efficiencies in the healthcare environment. For instance, by scanning a biometric of a doctor before he or she logs into a computer, patient personal identifiable information (PII) is protected from people who are not supposed to see patient information. By scanning a biometric of a patient before dispensing services, patients are assured of receiving their own—not someone else’s—prescription. And that’s merely the beginning. In healthcare, the need for and value of using biometrics for both healthcare workers and patients is increasing exponentially. Biometrics is making healthcare—from small offices to major hospitals—remarkably safer, more secure and more efficient.

Fulcrum Biometrics’ solutions readily connect with any medical group’s electronic medical records software (EMR/HER) and practice management software (PMS), allowing organizations to limit access to patient information and authenticating patients at each step along the care continuum in a secure and smooth process.

If you’re a medical group looking to add biometrics to your management systems without having to buy a new software package to protect your practice or an EMR/HER/PMS solution company thinking about fully and easily adding biometrics to your software without the hassle and expense of learning everything about the intricacies of biometrics, contact Fulcrum to learn how quickly we can add biometric identity management to your existing solutions.