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Medical Donor Management

medical donor management Donor banks—be they for blood, plasma, sperm, breast milk, et al—must be able to match their donors with their specimens and their records with 100% certainty. Any mismatch can have catastrophic results—from fraud to infection to death, not to mention the business risks of lawsuits, lost business, and government penalties.

Good donor management systems use biometrics to accurately identify each donor, as well as track visit history, specimens, and donor eligibility. Once enrolled with a personal biometric like a fingerprint, an iris, or a face, this unique characteristic can’t be lost, loaned, or forgotten. So donor banks can absolutely know that on return visits the donor is exactly who he or she claims to be.

With Fulcrum Biometrics, you can acquire an entry level, off-the-shelf, biometrically-enabled donor bank management system, biometric devices that may work with systems you already use. Or, for developers, FbF Biometric Framework can allow you to bolt on biometrics to the software you sell.

Let us talk to your software provider about how to easily add biometric security to the application you use.

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