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Member Management

member management Whether you call them members, clients, associates, beneficiaries or employees, organizations of all stripes are using comprehensive all-in-one software applications to manage the information critical to the organization’s relationship to the people it serves, employs, or sells to. Typically, these member management systems are sophisticated database applications with easy to use interfaces that allow organizations to track and summarize all relevant data regarding their “members.”

In many cases, knowing and being able to confirm the exact identity of the member is mission-critical. Without that verification, services can be rendered to the wrong people at great cost and often risk to the organization. To name a few…

  • Employees/ Contractors
  • Customers
  • Club and gym members
  • Visitors
  • Homeless people
  • Inmates and visitors
  • Government benefit recipients
  • Patients
  • Children in daycares or schools (and their caregivers and visitors)

Biometrics can provide the most practical and implementable solution to this particular challenge—and at great savings to the organization. Because biometrics (like a fingerprint, an iris, or a face) is unique to every individual and can’t be lost, loaned, or forgotten, automatic biometric identification overcomes many challenges associated with other forms of member management systems.

Fulcrum Biometrics brings a comprehensive portfolio of solutions, devices, software, and expertise to assist any organization in adding biometric capturing and matching capabilities to the software that tracks its people. Able to offer best-of-breed solutions across dozens of vendors—not just one—Fulcrum leverages the entire biometric marketplace to identify the best solution for your organization. Whether you already have the data management software you like or your organization is starting from scratch, Fulcrum can help you add biometric member management functionality to all types of applications.

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