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In the nonprofit world, the ability to verify the identity of a client is often critical to the organization’s core responsibilities. Not knowing beyond doubt that the client present to receive services is exactly whom he or she claims to be can mean duplicating services, providing benefits to imposters or collecting bad, unreportable data.
The only known solution for establishing the correct identity of a client in real-time, while also protects their privacy and anonymity, is through the capture of a biometric. A person’s personal, unique characteristic like a fingerprint or iris photo, cannot be lost, stolen, forgotten, faked or borrowed. A biometric solution for your organizations can:

  • Eliminate duplicate records
  • Ensure unduplicated services
  • Control access to services and benefits

FbF’s biometric solution easily and economically attaches to virtually any case management system. We can help any organization advance its identity management capability and improve its outcomes.

  • Data Integrity: report accurate information to constituents and stakeholders
  • Fraud Prevention: refuse resources to imposters
  • Operational Efficiency: save valuable volunteer and staff time
  • Physical Safety: prevent admittance by non-authorized people

It’s true—not every organization’s identity management needs are the same. Indeed, beyond logging onto a computer, “identity management” isn’t necessary for some organizations. But for many nonprofits, biometrically identifying (biodentifying) every client they serve is a best practice that produces transparent, compelling and accurate data—the kind of data that protects an organization’s interests and reinforces competitive grant applications.