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Visitor Management

visitor management In today’s security conscious environment, businesses need to manage and track their visitors. Whether it’s the guard house or the front lobby, more than ever we need to know that whoever is on the premises belongs on the premises.

Good visitor management software allows businesses a simple and effective way to register, badge, track, and manage your facility's visitor traffic. With lobby or visitor management automated, moving previously enrolled guests, vendors, and contractors past the gatekeeper to where they need to go is fast and painless. Gone are the slow, agonizing paper entries that have to be repeated every time a visitor--even repeat visitors--arrives.

With biometrics added to visitor management, two big benefits arise:

1. Security quality is increased by being able to verify the identity of your repeat visitors. Fake ID’s are no match for a biometric.
2. The visitor experience improves exponentially. Fumbling with bags and suitcases to produce legal forms of identification is replaced by a single finger or face scan.

Visitor management solutions allow companies to:
  • Develop and enforce uniform and consistent company-wide policies
  • Know who everyone is in the building in real time
  • Keep out unwanted guests
  • Create ID badges for guests so that employees know that the visitor is in fact a visitor and belongs on the premises
  • Audit past visitor activity
  • Enjoy a smoother, faster experience of moving guests through the lobby to their destinations

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