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LiveScan for Applicant Background Checks

LiveScan for Applicant Background CheckApplicant background checks for criminal history are increasingly prevalent. Called “civil” or “applicant” background checks, organizations of all kinds are requiring the thorough check of an applicant’s criminal history through live scan facilitates. School teachers, insurance agents, nonprofit volunteers, or nurses—to name only a few--may need fingerprint background checks in order to become employed or receive a professional license.

And the list of professions or licenses now requiring fingerprint background checks using live scan continues to grow: adoption agencies, after school programs, church personnel and volunteers, coaching, community programs, concealed carry applicants, explosives licenses, health care workers, departments of children and family services, gaming licenses, state agencies, medicinal cannabis applicants (patients, caregivers, dispensaries, cultivators), mentoring organizations, physicians and chiropractors, private school employees and volunteers, pyrotechnics operators and distributors, real estate appraisers, bus drivers, government and school contractors, towing companies, tutors, and many, many more.

The fingerprinting/live scan portion of the background check can be administered by the:

  • human resources or security department of a business,
  • live scan fingerprinting (for a fee) businesses, or
  • local police departments.
(State requirements vary widely.)

FbF ® LiveScan is the perfect, affordable solution for any of these organizations.

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