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LiveScan with Print to Card

LiveScan Fingerprinting without ink and paperAre you still taking fingerprints with a dirty, unhandy inkpad? Still not sure if the prints you take will be acceptable to the agencies to which you submit? Tired of the clutter, messiness, and clean up?

You can get out of that grimy business with FbF ® LiveScan’s Print-to-Card feature. No matter whether you are

  • sending printed fingerprint cards to a government agency to be matched to a fingerprint database,
  • providing printed cards to your clients, or
  • simply trying to clean up your operations and get into the 21st century,
FbF® LiveScan’s Print-to-Card functionality has you covered. Our system is FBI Appendix F certified with a variety of scanners and printers.
Plus, FbF ® LiveScan is one of the most economical live scan with print-to-card solutions available on the market.

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