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Live Scan for
Criminal Justice Education


Expand your coursework to include fingerprint training

Top education Criminal Justice degree programs offer hands-on learning using live scan equipment while building job-ready skills. Students today process fingerprints as evidence, develop expert knowledge on fingerprint analysis and train in the booking process.

Teach students to roll classifiable prints

Classified prints are required for those who are arrested to ensure the best possible fingerprint comparisons in the CJIS system. Kinesthetic learning– where a student carries out physical activities like fingerprint scanning rather than listening to a lecture– is the most popular type of learning with students. It allows students to experiment with trial and error, learn from their mistakes, and understand the potential gaps between theory and practice.

Other biometrics like iris ID are popular additions

Our education customers purchase kiosks, iris scanners, DSLR cameras and more in addition to live scan equipment.

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