Commercial Biometric Applications and Solutions

Not all business objectives are best met with custom developed software. Often, the lower total cost and speed of implementation that is available with off-the-shelf biometric identification systems significantly outweighs the benefits of custom developed alternatives. This is particularly true for specialized technologies such as biometrics. Fulcrum has worked with a number of software and hardware vendors to bring our clients a broad offering of easy-to-install, easy-to-use, off-the-shelf biometric solutions. And, if you don’t see the solution that you are looking for, please give us a call and we can point you in the right direction to find the application you are looking for. Check out our offerings below.

Time and Attendance

If your organization manages a number of hourly employees or if you have remote workers in various locations then you understand the challenges of time and attendance. Whether you have to deal with employees who lose their time cards, employees who “forget” to punch in and out or if you are dealing with "buddy punching" biometrically enabled timeclock systems may be the solution… Read more >

Access Control

One of the earliest solutions to incorporate biometric verification – and undoubtedly the most portrayed use of biometrics in Hollywood – biometric Access Control solutions allow you to restrict physical access through the use of biometric verification. Whether you want to simply control access to the front door of your home/office or perhaps a large3 multi-entrance facility biometrically enabled access control systems can provide the solution… Read more >

PC/Network Login

Whether you want to control user login for a personal computer or for an entire enterprise, Fulcrum offers solutions such as FinLogon by Futronic. This cost effective and scalable PC/Network Login solution allows you to increase the security of your network while simultaneously simplifying the management of your user base… Read more >

Scan and Pin

Although biometrics identification systems are often pursued for their advanced security capabilities, there is an equally important “convenience” value for being able to use an ever-present digit as a means of authenticating who you are. Scan & Pin is a solution that is designed to facilitate member identification and management… Read more >