Fulcrum Biometric Framework - FbF(TM)

The Fulcrum Biometric Framework (FbFTMis a multi-biometric application development framework that consists of a number of products which can be snapped together to rapidly deliver customized identity management solutions regardless of size or scale.  The FbF contains the following core modules: 

  • FbF BioServer - a multi-biometric identification/matching server that is scalable through clustering and provides for a number of fault tolerant options.
  • FbF Application Server - a custom application logic system for industry specific solutions (e.g. Attendance, Access Control).
  • FbF Web Controls - a collection of browser independent web controls that talk to FbF Application Server, Matching Engine and FbF Device listener.
  • FbF Device Listener - a client side device manager and template generator that securely communicates to FBF Web Controls.

Fulcrum’s FbF technology is build around Microsoft’s .NET, Silverlight and SQL Server technologies making it a highly robust and reliable solution.  Through the use of Silverlight FbF web based applications achieve true browser independence unlike the outdated ActiveX/Internet Explorer technology paradigm. 

The core technologies that Fulcrum Biometrics employs in the FbF framework are consistently ranked among the highest performing biometric identification systems available.

If your organization would like to speak with a Fulcrum sales representative about using FbF or to schedule a demonstration please contact our office or send us an online inquiry.